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Football Club Cards

Football CardsSend a Personalised Football Card from one of the top football teams at Funky Pigeon!

With four top football team cards to choose from whether you want to send a Liverpool Card, Arsenal Card, Manchester United Card or a Chelsea Card you can create a Football Greeting Card to remember!

Add a name to the back of a player’s shirt or to a player photo or even add their name to a stadium photo or to the football club’s crest and create the perfect football greeting card! All of the Personalised Football Greeting Cards available from Funky Pigeon are from official team imagery and photography; especially created as a football greeting card. So you can personalise a true piece of one of the top four UK football clubs as a Personalised Card!

Check out our selection of Personalised Football Cards and send out a football greeting card to that die-hard fan today! Coohoo!

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