11 of the Best All-round Parenting Advice Resources

Last updated: January 12th, 2021 Published on: February 17, 2018

It’s no secret that being a parent can be tough… so we’ve put together some of the best all-round parenting advice resources. Whether you’re looking for parenting tips, ideas on holidays or advice on your first baby, check out our top 11 below – all crammed with incredibly useful information. All offer a huge range of support for parents, each with their own distinct advantages and quirks.

Mummy Pages

Claiming to be Britain’s chirpiest website for mums and mums to be, Mummy Pages offers well laid out advice in easy to find sections of its website. There’s nothing we can think of that we couldn’t find on Mummy Pages; there’s great tips on things to do, recipes, health, beauty and so much more. A particular highlight for us was the “Mum’s Life” section with a good variety of articles focused on you as a mum and nothing else.

URL: www.mummypages.co.uk


Perhaps the most popular and well-known parenting site in the UK, and for good reason. You’ll find a huge range of articles written on almost anything you can imagine; from general advice and tips for children of all ages to handy tools such as pregnancy due date calculators. This coupled with the extremely in depth forum makes Mumsnet one of the “go to” places.

URL: www.mumsnet.com

The Green Parent

The Green Parent offers something a bit more unique; all the usual advice and ideas but with more of a “green” twist. Here you’re more likely to find tips for crafts, lifestyle, gardening, healthy food and more – all to try and help you and your family lead more of an environmentally-friendly, ethical and sustainable life. You’ll find an active forum, as well as the “Green Pages” – a handy natural directory of products and services.

URL: thegreenparent.co.uk


Completely separate from Mumsnet but just as popular (to our knowledge), Netmums offers a similar level of support through chats, forums and a breadth of advice articles. We found this site really easy to navigate and it ticked all our boxes! You’ll also find articles on the latest trends, celebs and interesting stories. Our highlights include the New Baby Club, and the advice on gifts, days out and handy seasonal tips for Christmas, Easter and more.

URL: www.netmums.com

Scary Mommy

Our first American entry on the list, Scary Mommy delivers a diverse range of articles written by bloggers and experts alike. Focusing more on experiences of other parents, these articles are sure to give you some really useful insights and ideas for your family. Other highlights include an interesting “confessional” section, parenting news, and advice on just about anything.

URL: www.scarymommy.com

Family Lives

Unsurprisingly, Family Lives focuses on anything and everything to do with families, from the everyday problems to the obscure and more unique topics. With advice articles covering pregnancy right through to teens, you’ll also find help on divorce, prison, finances and more. Family Lives also has a confidential helpline, advice videos, forums and parenting courses – making it well worthy of a spot on our list. If you’re looking for advice on something you think is uncommon, Family Lives is probably one of your best bets.

URL: www.familylives.org.uk

Super Nanny

If you’ve ever seen the TV show you probably think Super Nanny’s advice section is all about behaviour. You’re right (well kind of)! While Super Nanny has a ton of expert articles on behaviour (it really is top quality), you’ll also find a load of great advice on health, diets, activities, pregnancy, family, education and more. Articles are really easy to understand and give great advice which you can put into practice – plus, you know it’s all written by experts!

URL: www.supernanny.co.uk/Advice.aspx


Though an American site, Baby Center (Centre for us in the UK), is literally jam-packed with helpful articles on getting pregnant right through to big kids. A huge resource for all things parenting and very well-known across the pond, you could spend hours on this site. What impressed us was the amount of expert advice available, a wide range of tools such as baby name finders, calculators, checklists and so much more. If you don’t mind the odd reference to “moms” and “elementary school”, it’s definitely worth checking out.

URL: www.babycenter.com

Parent Zone

Parent Zone isn’t just a resource for parents, it does so much more in providing information for schools and families. They still have a section online dedicated to expert tips, advice and guides for parents on a range of issues with a focus on parenting in the digital age. Something which is more and more needed with technology evolving, we loved this resource. Parent Zone is also a bit more manageable as you can get lost in some of the more detailed and extensive sites on this list.

URL: parentzone.org.uk


Not to be confused with Parenting.com, Parents.com is another great all-rounder and nicely designed to cover key topics. Helpful is the key word here, with numerous articles on common issues offering really useful solutions… what more could you want!? Parents.com is owned by a magazine company and so has a lot of content for you to chow down on!

URL: www.parents.com