Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Last updated: December 7th, 2022 Published on: December 6, 2019

Looking for some brilliant ideas for your colleagues, your partner, or your kids? We have a wide range of fun and unique ideas to help you fill the kids’ stockings, impress your friends and family, or nail the perfect secret Santa gift. Read on to find out all our brilliant 2022 Christmas gift ideas and get inspired today!.

Stocking Filler Ideas

↳ For kids

Get your kids excited to open their big prezzie, and have their Christmas stockings packed with a mix of cool and fun toys, board games, jigsaws, craft kits, cute personalised books, teddies, or Harry Potter-themed Lego. We have over 140 items to choose from depending on your kids’ preferences and tastes. So, whatever you go for – you know they’ll have a truly magical Christmas morning!

↳ For him

It’s not just kids that have a stocking to fill, your parents deserve some amazing stocking filler gifts too! So here’s a few stocking filler ideas for him, whether it’s your dad, grandad or any other man in your life. From unusual and interesting tech to personalised socks with his face on and a range of unique gifts for any hobby, you’ll find a brilliant range of gift ideas for him to find in his stocking. Plus, you can always top up the stocking with some delicious personalised chocolates or his favourite beer!

↳ For her

Of course, we can’t forget mum’s stocking too! We think that mum deserves a treat (or a stocking full of treats!) on Christmas day too, so we’ve picked out some of our favourite ideas for her to unwrap on Christmas morning. From mouthwatering personalised prosecco and alcohol to a sentimental bauble or snowglobe featuring her favourite family photo and much more, we’ve got a huge range of unique gifting ideas that she’ll love. Or if you’re looking for even more ideas, explore our full range of stocking filler ideas for her.

Secret Santa Gifts

↳ For your colleagues

Just been given your secret name at work? Make your gift stand out this year and get them a thoughtful or quirky little something from our novelty gifts category. Whether you know what they like from their daily office rants or you have an idea of their style by just looking at their desk, you’ll find a huge range of ideas that they’re sure to love from just £3.99.

↳ For your friends and family

Whether it’s your annual friend group secret Santa exchange or you’re mixing things up by trying a secret Santa with the family, we’ve just just what you need to make everyone jealous! Explore an amazing range of secret Santa gift ideas for friends and family to find the perfect present!

Top Christmas Gift Picks for Him

↳ Boyfriend/husband/fiancé

Get your other half a practical or funny gift for Christmas and choose among our 500+ gifts ideas for him, whether you’re looking for a present for your boyfriend, your husband or fiancé. Discover our personalised or non-personalised items ranging from alcohol gift sets, keyrings (if he constantly loses his keys), engraved pens or notebooks, or more modern ideas such as a drone, movie scratch poster or chocolate treats.

↳ Brother/son/male friend

Find something to match your brother, son, or any of your mates’ personalities or tastes for Christmas. In our special ranges of gifts for him, you can find great ideas around different hobbies, brands, TV programmes or major movies including Game of Thrones, Star Wars, ale tasting, beard growing and so on. Our ideas include gifts like our super popular personalised alcohol range, our personalised beard grooming bag or our super cool TV-themed travel mug.

↳ Dad/grandad

There’s no need to search for hours or call your parents to get some ideas, but instead, find multiple gift ideas for your grandad or presents for your dad in our unique selection of Christmas gift ideas. From growing kits, if he’s into gardening, a fun poster scratch card for places he could go and visit (if he loves travelling), a unique photo upload whisky bottle to customise with his own face if he is a connoisseur or a winning race day experience for two – there are over 200 different ideas to choose from.

Top Christmas Gift Picks for Her

↳ Girlfriend/wife/fiancée

Chocolate and Christmas go together like snow on Christmas morning. Unlike the latter, chocolates during the festive season can be guaranteed thanks to our personalised chocolate boxes. You can also find quirky ideas for her such as a create your own gin set if she likes her gin, or phone photo accessories if she likes to get creative with her Instagram. Find all our other gift ideas for your girlfriend, wife, or fiancée in our selection of Christmas gifts for her.

↳ Sister/daughter/female friend

Send your little or big sister, or daughter a cute Christmas prezzie and choose something unique in our Christmas gift ranges for her. Just ask yourself what is she into these days? Is it a unicorn? Gin? Growing her own plants or veggies? Sewing? Fashion? Pampering? Delicate jewellery? Vintage games or puzzles? We’ve got the lot!

↳ Grandma/mum

Get your sweet grandma and mum a lovely gift or two for all the support and help she has given you over the year and choose something that she will really enjoy with our range of Christmas gifts for mum, and grandma. Choose something nice like our sloe gin Grow It kit if she is into gardening, a beautiful white roses bouquet, or our trio of Heyland Whittle soaps.

Top Christmas Gift Picks for Little Ones

↳ Babies 1st Christmas Gifts

Celebrate your newborn’s very first Christmas with an adorable photo bauble – great gifts to make the most of all the pictures since birth. You could customise a sweet “First Christmas” cushion, or a festive photo block or choose among our cute Peter Rabbit teddy gifts. Check out all our other innovative gifts in our rich selection of 1st Christmas gifts.

↳ For Kids

Make great use of your grandchild or child’s best photo and create their very own cute elf or reindeer photo bauble. Simply upload any picture from your device quickly and easily. You can also choose other personalised items for kids – such as personalised teddy bears where you can add their name or picture. You’ll also find perfect branded ideas such as, or Lego and Slime gifts, popular toys or jigsaw puzzles and games.

Cheap Christmas Gifts (Under £10)

If you are looking for a budget present for your favourite hairdresser, neighbour or work colleagues, you can browse our wide range of cheap Christmas gifts for something under £10. Depending on their habits or humour you could get them some delicious festive treats, a customised festive snow globe, or another funny alternative could be to get some chocolate sprouts – love them or hate them they will get everybody talking!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Newlyweds

Are you newlyweds, or did your best mates get married this year? Maybe it was such a special event that you can reuse some of the photos you’ve taken on the day! We have a selection of wedding-themed personalised photo gifts to create a beautiful Christmas present for the newlyweds – something they will keep for years to come!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

If you know someone who treats their pets like their own children and loves sending you cute photos, why not use one of the photos and send them a pet lover personalised gift such as a pet snow globe, photo block, keyring, or cute Christmas bauble?