Introducing ‘Believe in Happy’ for Mental Health Awareness

Last updated: April 26th, 2021 Published on: May 10, 2018

Here at Funky Pigeon, we have just launched our new ‘Believe in Happy’ campaign in support of Mental Health Awareness Week. The campaign is being championed by one of our graphic designers, Amy, who suffered from post-natal depression last year. Amy has single-handedly created a range of cards and gifts which aim to help people feel happier, by letting them know you’re thinking of them through tough times.

Believe in Happy Gifts

As Amy states in her story, “I was feeling very ashamed and alone, and thought everyone would judge me if I opened up about my illness. During this time, my Grandma sent me a get well soon card and it really hit home to me that actually, people do realise that you are unwell and want to wish you well in your recovery, just as they would with a physical illness.

“The card really meant a lot to me in those dark times and proved to me that I was loved and being thought of. I cannot emphasise enough the positive impact that sending a card can have to someone who is struggling with their mental health. It can be life-changing and really help bring some light back into their day.”

It’s perhaps true that so many people send/receive get well soon cards and kind wishes for a physical illness, yet only a minority do the same for a mental illness. We are aiming to change this by encouraging people to open up about their illness and help to reduce the stigma that surrounds it.

Happiness & Encouragement Cards

Our new selection of products will include messages of hope, encouragement and most importantly, information on how and who to contact if the recipient needs help or support. We will be donating 30% of the card sales to the charity – MQ, whose invaluable help, information and advice can be life-changing.

We as a company hope that our campaign will not only to help raise awareness of mental health issues, but help towards people getting the support they need. We have also introduced happier working practices in our office and put in place outlets for people to offload their thoughts and feelings, as well as educating ourselves on the warning signs of mental illness so that we can support each other as best we can.

Believe Gift Range

We will be sharing all of this through social media and hope to inspire everyone to do the same and ‘Believe in Happy’ just like we do!

Read Amy’s full story here.

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