Most Popular Instagram Pets

Last updated: December 7th, 2020 Published on: April 6, 2020

To celebrate National Pet Awareness Month this April and all the benefits pets bring to people’s lives, we have shared a few of our favourite Instagram accounts with you. Whether you are a cat or a dog lover, prefer small or big dogs, funny or exotic breeds – see below a selection of our favourite fluff balls.

Famous Instagram Dogs

• Puggy Smalls (@thepuggysmalls) – 190,000

Puggy Smalls is a little dude who embraces the pug life with over a hundred thousand people following his goofy adventures in the UK capital.

• Marcel Le Corgi (@lecorgi) – 130,000 followers

Arguably the most famous London dog, it’s Marcel Le Corgi. He has over 100,000 fans on Instagram because he’s a busy little guy: he’s a travel and food critic. Did you know Queen Elizabeth II loves her corgis so much, she calls them “family”?

• Hugo and Ursula (@hugoandursula) – 180,000 followers

Well, now it’s Hugo, Huxley and Ursula as Huxley is the last addition to the duo. Ursula is the dog owner and their best photographer as she’s always finding different ways to photograph Hugo and Huxley, whether it’s in costume, out and about, or alongside her.

• Bun (@bun_thesausagedog) – 35,000 followers

For all the sausage dog lovers, here is Bun, an adorable Dachshund who has almost 30,000 followers on Instagram, who tracks his daily exploits in the big smoke.

• Zeus (@london_malamute) – 8,900 followers

For all the big dog lovers, meet Zeus, a Malamute which you won’t find in Alaska pulling sledges but in London working as a therapy dog, or joining his mum at the office.

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Super dog friendly @beamish_museum with working trams and Victorian style shops a must see when you’re in the north east! It’s pretty hard to get there without a car and keep in mind you’ll be doing lots of walking but we had such a good day 😁 Zeus was exhausted after his visit! His favourite part of the day had to be when he got to get up close and personal with some local sheep and sampled some traditional fish and chips are the same way they were hundreds of years ago) Where should we visit next? Leave your favourite dog friendly trips below! ❤️ . . . . . #alaskanmalamute #alaskanmalamutes #malamuteaddicts #malamute #malamutelovers #malamutelove #malamutesofinstagram #dogfriendly #dogwithjobs #cutedog #travelwithmydog #weeklyfluff

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Famous Instagram Cats

• Dorito and Calippo (@thewibbles) – 315K followers

Dorito and Calippo are Ed Sheeran’s cats who were officially introduced to his 24 million Insta followers by saying: “My cats set up their own Instagram, clever pussies.”

• Nala (@nala_cat) – 4.3 Million followers

This 7-year-old Siamese/Tabby mix is an early social media adopter and is currently holding the Guinness record for the living cat with the most Instagram followers, according to

• Venus (@venustwofacecat) – 2 Million followers

Venus has become quite an internet sensation with her super-rare split-coloured face. How did she get that unique look? Even genetic scientists aren’t quite sure.

• Princess Cheeto ( @princesscheeto) – 180K followers

Dubbed “the coolest Instagram feed” by no less an authority than I Can Haz Cheeseburger?, Princess Cheeto cheerfully poses for fun artsy shots. This rescue kitty has also appeared in ads for major brands, such as Target and Smirnoff.

• Hamilton (@hamilton_the_hipster_cat) 780K followers

Hamilton’s dapper white moustache is so impossibly perfect that he’s attracted 811,000 followers. His owner adopted the feral kitten from a shelter, and he has used Hamilton’s fame to raise awareness of pet adoption in San Franciso, California.

• Smoothie the Cat (@smoothiethecat) 2.2 Million followers

Nicknamed the “Queen of Fluff,” Smoothie seems like she’s loving being photographed. She’s featuring in her own dedicated TikTok and YouTube channel with her little friend Milkshake, who have over 128K subscribers!

• Suki Cat (@sukiicat) 1.9 Million followers

Our last beautiful cat is Suki, a Canadian Bengal cat. This cat is an exotic tiger looking cat who travels around the world with her owners. And she’s even got her own book called “Travels of Suki, the Adventure Cat” and her own online merch on Etsy.

Hopefully, our short selection has made you browse a few paw-some dogs and cats’ feeds – for an entertaining and light-hearted pet awareness month.