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How to create your Photobook

Follow our step by step instructions

1. Choose the style and type of book

Select your book style based on the size of the book, the cover type and occasion (choose from wedding, new baby and more).

After you have made your final section you will be taken to the photobook editor that will open in a new window and you will have the option of signing in, registering or continuing as a guest.

2. Load your Photos

Click on the upload photos icon “+” and choose “upload” to start adding your images to the pallet on the left. The green bar under each photo denotes the image is in the process of uploading.

Tip: You can save your photobook at any time by clicking the tick icon at the top of the screen (you have to be signed in or registered to use this function).

3. Add the images to your photobook

You can now start to drag and drop the images into the desired page on your photobook. The first 2 pages you are presented with are the front (the right hand side) and back (the left hand side) covers.

Tips: A number badge will appear on each photo to denote how many times it has been used in throughout your photobook. An “!” means the image is low quality, try a higher resolution image or placing the image in a smaller frame on the page

4. Edit your images

To edit an image simply click on the desired photo, a series of options will be presented along the top bar above your photobook.

To delete an image, click on the desired photo, select the edit icon on the right hand side to show a series of options, click the delete icon.

Tip: to undo an action select the undo arrow

5. Change background and style

The options in the bar above your photobook allow you to drag in a different background, change the layout, add a text box and even auto fill your book with the photos you have uploaded.

6. Order your photobook

Once you have finished designing your book you can place your order. Select the Order button in the top right to take your book to the basket. At this point if you chose to continue as guest you will be prompted to sign in or register as a new user.

After taking your book to the basket you will be asked to enter a delivery address and phone number (this will only be used to contact you regarding this order if necessary).

Tip: You can preview your book prior to ordering by clicking the preview icon in the purple bar at the top of the screen.

7. Make Payment

At this point you will be shown the total order price and you will be able to make payment via our secure payment page (all major credit and debit cards accepted).

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after you confirm payment, enjoy your photobook!

Tip: Within the payment details section you will be able to enter any voucher or gift card codes you may have.