14 Simple, Yet Awesome Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

Last updated: March 20th, 2024 Published on: April 17, 2018

Thinking of a brilliant cake idea for your child’s birthday every year can be challenging to say the least, but getting the cake right can be just as important as getting the right presents or birthday card. So, to help you out, we’ve done our research and come up with a handy list of cakes guaranteed to make them smile, yet don’t take a million hours to make. In fact, you can probably get most of them ready in under an hour! Read on to find our favourites from around the web.

Peppa Pig M&M Cake

A pink cake with some creative M&M decorations on top; simple as that. It’s easy to create a Peppa Pig cake thanks to Two Sister Crafting. Even if you can’t access the strangely-coloured M&Ms, you can easily substitute the toppings for Smarties or any other coloured chocolates! A real quick win if you don’t have time to spend hours on a cake, plus Peppa Pig is ever popular so there’s a good chance your little one will be happy.

Classic Football Cake

Complete with coconut frosting for the pitch, this football cake be easily be created by making some minor improvements to a standard cake! Read All Recipe’s post for the exact instructions. Ready in an hour (if you shop buy the original cake!) or two hours if you bake one yourself. Pretty much guaranteed to impress with so many kids into their football.

Simple Spider-Man Cake

Not the most impressive Spider-Man cake ever, but really simple to create and your children will be just as impressed! All you need is a cake, a few different icings and some strawberries (and maybe a Spider-Man figure). Check out the exact ingredients here.

Chocolate Fingers and Smarties

Smarties and chocolate fingers birthday cake

This one is from Jen at Mum in the Mad House, who shows how you can bake a normal cake, yet add some of the simplest chocolate decorations to make it really special. Plenty of smarties and chocolate fingers here, as well as a delicious chocolate cake (depending on your caking skills). Apparently, 44% of parents spend two and a half working days baking their kid’s birthday cake… not Jen though!

Digger Cake

Digger Birthday Cake

Grace at Eats Amazing shows how you can transform almost any chocolate cake into a digger cake, in no time at all. All you need is a chocolate cake (can even be shop bought), chocolate icing and a chocolate bar or two, as well as a few mini digger toys! Easy and effective. Find more information on Eats Amazing’s recipe here.

Piñata Cake Idea

Something a bit out of the box for you, but sometimes something a bit different goes down a treat! Check out this video on how to create a simple piñata cake (if you can call it a cake). It’s basically a chocolate outline which the kids can smash themselves, to then reveal lots of hidden treats underneath.

Lego Tractor Cake

Lego and Tractor Birthday Cake

A bit more of a specific theme here, but a great idea from Little Ladies Big World with a Lego tractor cake. This is perhaps the quickest idea on the entire list. Just buy a chocolate cake, spend 5 minutes decorating, and voila! Top with a LEGO tractor to finish off! It might not be a creation from scratch but it sure is a good idea for parents strapped for time.

Easy Chocolate Cake

Another chocolate cake for the list, similar to the chocolate fingers and smarties cake. It’s just a really simple recipe for a yummy chocolate cake, then you stick smarties on top at just the right time with just the right icing! Boring? No! Colourful? Yes! Sure to impress most birthday boys and girls. Head to Sevenoaks Mums to check it out.

Rainbow Cake

Maybe the most difficult cake on the list in terms of time spent, however it’s simply creating three cakes on top of each other and using food colouring to make a beautiful rainbow theme. Rock My Style created a really simple guide on how to make a rainbow cake, and confirmed it definitely goes down well with the kids.

Doughnut “Cake” Idea

Doughnut Birthday Cake

This is probably the biggest “non-cake, cake” entry on the list. But it’s certainly worked for Wendy at Daisies and Pie, who calls it the easiest cake ever to make. It largely consists of doughnuts, candles, sparklers, glitter and hundreds and thousands. A real last minute deal or just something very different. Have a look here.

Frozen Cake

One of the less complex Frozen cake ideas from Californian Mum In London; simply bake one base cake and a smaller top, then decorate the icing using an icy colour. You can then get a Frozen decoration to go on top! Amazingly simple, yet enough to impress any young Frozen fan.

Dinosaur Cake

Becci at the Unnatural Mother showed us how to create a dinosaur cake with two shop-bought cakes and a little creativity (and ingredients/decorations). A great idea for any dinosaur fan, this cake will impress at any party. As Becci says, excuse the poor quality of the photos, they do not do it justice. Find out how to make it here.

Iggle Piggle Cake

It might look like this cake would take ages to create. New Mummy Blog shows you how to create an Iggle Piggle cake in a few easy steps. Perhaps one of the more complicated cakes on the list, but easily one of the most impressive and something really unique.

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