6 Easy Cleaning Tips to Use After Christmas Chaos

Last updated: December 11th, 2020 Published on: December 24, 2019

Let’s be honest your house won’t REALLY be clean and tidy in such short amount of time because nobody is Wonder Woman or Mr Clean. However, we have come up with a list of six easy cleaning tips for you to use, just before someone new enters the house, in order to make it look like everything is ok (at least at a glance!).

1. Start by Closing the Doors

Let’s imagine the kids have been busy playing around in their bedroom, and (as usual) didn’t tidy up their toys – leaving their rooms even more filthy looking! Whether they want to play some more later, or are in the middle of making or building something– simply ask them to keep their rooms’ door closed, so that visually it’s like it doesn’t even exist 😉. A contained mess is the best way from preventing clutter from spreading!

2. Think Fresh

Start by opening all your windows for the time you’ll clean – it will let the place air, feel fresh, and let all the dust and bad smells out. Then you can shake everything quickly to get rid of the dust like the carpets, duvets, rugs, or couch pillows to buff them up.

Also, just don’t forget to empty the kitchen bins and take down the recycling. And finally, you could maybe light up some scented candles or burn incense to give your house a soothing and distinct scent.

3. Just Hide Things Away

Get hold of a few large laundry baskets, gardening containers, or large bin bags and just fill them up with all the clutter – from old magazines, journals, or junk mail, Christmas used party poppers, wrapping paper, gifts boxes etc.
Come back to these when you have more time, but simply leave them out of the way for now. Whether that’s under the stairs, in the garage or just put to the side.

4. Invest in Proper Cleaning Goods

You know what they say – it’s all about being organised… Basically making the most of your 10 minutes – but how? Just invest in the right tools. It does sound very simple but a powerful vacuum, new scrubber, extra storage or space to put things away HAS TO BE the most crucial tip of all. As it’s Christmas, you could even ask your partner or family to get you a budget robot vacuum cleaner. It can make a wonderful ally to save you loads of time 😉.

5. Assign Each Person A Room

Set a timer and give your kids clear directives on what they’re supposed to do. From filling up a box container, folding all their clothes away, or simply closing their doors and clearing all their shoes left in the entrance. If you say they only need to spend 10 minutes on their selected area, it will sound more appealing to them and will offer a temporary solution to your messy house! You can also revisit this later on, or the next say, and repeat the process until everything is spic and span!

6. Make the Most of Your Shelves, Chest of Drawers and Wardrobes

You’ve all heard of Marie Kondo’s popular techniques on how you can fold your clothes more efficiently and declutter everything in your house by categorising each item and assessing whether they spark joy (as she says) or not.
Her six basic rules and unique way to categorise everything in a home are so innovative that it might be a good idea to show your family a few of her videos. They will teach your little family to only surround themselves with things they actually use and love.

We hope these few tips will help you keep up with the appearances for a tidy(ish) looking house over Christmas.