8 Dorm Room Decorations for Students

Last updated: January 18th, 2023 Published on: September 25, 2019

Fresher or not – decorating your dorm is always fun. It allows you to add your own style and personality to settle you into your uni accommodation and make you feel more at home. Even though keeping a small living space tidy can be tough, it doesn’t mean it can’t be turned into something that’s truly yours. From cute cushions to air-purifying plants, we’ve rounded up a few ideas to make your room shine!

dorm room decorations


Did you know that being in nature is proven to reduce anger, fear and stress? So why not add some green plants into your room? We recommend our bonsai tree or an air purifying peace lily. They will add some atmosphere to your room and improve your wellbeing with fresh oxygen – perfect for those hungover mornings or early starts. You can also take a look at our plants guide here to know all about their individual care tips to keep them longer.

Avocado MugAvocado Mug


Spread some cute or funny cushions over your bed to bring some home comfort and instant fun to your room. You can personalise them with the name or picture of your favourite pet, family members, or even a cute photo of your BFF!


For the long nights, and tonnes of hot drinks you will be making to stay awake – get yourself personalised mug with your name on. The perfect way to let your flatmates know what’s yours, and yours only! ?


For the amazing holidays you’ve had, the last memorable family trip you did, or to remember your friends at home, you can gather all your favourite photos and make a colourful canvas. A great way to remember the good times and keep you eager to organise more for your next holiday, perfect to jazz up your wall too!


Whether you want to get organised with your weekly timetable or create a personalised calendar with pictures to make your room more homely, you can make your own personalised calendar with photos or motivational quotes. Perfect for any dorm room wall! Currently 50% off – with calendars from only £6.49.

Photo Blocks

Add a bit of glitz and shine to your best photo with our photo blocks. You can choose between our silver glitter or red shiny heart filling to match your photo. Grab and shake them anytime to bring them back to life – a perfect way to decorate your desk area and keep a special memory with you at all times.


Light up a candle to add a nice and subtle summer breeze scent to your room or bring some focus to your studying. Choose among our range of personalised candle designs, from single pictures to our fun photo collage ideas – turn our candles into a sweet keepsake. Be careful not to leave unattended.

Engraved Glasses

For all the memorable nights out and numerous cocktails you might try to make yourself, why not get your own engraved glass. We have a wide range of personalised glasses you can engrave with your name, initials, or best catch phrase: from gin balloon glasses to whisky tumblers and pints tankards.

For more decoration ideas, visit our student room accessories selection.