Baby Gender Reveal Ideas: Perfect for Parties

Last updated: April 26th, 2023 Published on: May 17, 2021

For those parents who are waiting for the birth of the baby to find out the gender, we salute you and your patience to wait. However, for those of you who wish to know beforehand, have a little read and get some ideas for a touching or fun gender reveal. Finding out the gender of your baby is such an exciting event and will be a memory that you’ll always cherish. You can make the reveal as intimate or as extravagant as you’d like and it’s a really good way to get people together and celebrate.

Gender Reveal Options

You can make the decision to find out the gender at the same time as your friends and family or arrange a reveal where you are already in the know. This means that it is the guests who will get the wonderful news.

To keep the surprise for yourselves make sure to ask the sonographer to write down boy or girl on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. The envelope should be passed to whoever is arranging the reveal to keep the surprise until the day of. Nowadays, there are so many colourful and entertaining ideas to choose from!

Cake Reveal

There are a few different ways you can go about using a cake for your gender reveal! Many bakeries will help keep the surprise from you to make it all the more exciting. It can be the sponge itself which is dyed the colour of the baby’s gender or some pretty icing layers which show once a slice is cut Both make for yummy and bright reveals.

Or, why not choose a piñata cake where the sweets inside are pink or blue colour for girl or boy. Cupcakes are also a fun alternative to a traditional cake – you can bake in the colour or have some bright icing on the inside which shows the baby gender once you have taken a bite. Although we’ve suggested cake on this post, this can always be done with cookies or biscuits if you’re not a cake fan. Pinterest is really great resource and has hundreds of cake gender reveal ideas. If baking is not your forte, you can always outsource to your local bakery and see if they can accommodate your ideas.

Balloon Reveal

If you’re throwing a party, a balloon reveal is definitely a good option. Simply place an order for an arrangement of balloons in a box and once the box is opened, out will come an eye-catching assortment in the baby’s colour. Alternatively, you can go down the messy route. This is where you have a plain balloon of either black or white filled with paint, glitter, confetti, or powder. Get the filling coloured pink or blue and when you pop the balloon, you’re showered with the colour of the baby! This idea can be made into a game with a baby balloon ‘dart board’.

For more information on a this unique DIY balloon reveal idea, check out the blog A Crafted Passion, which has a variety of fun posts written by mum of two Amanda.

Confetti Cannons/Party Popper Reveal

This one is simple but definitely effective! Give a person who is good at keeping secrets the envelope you received from the sonographer and ask them to purchase the correct colour confetti cannon or party poppers to use. Make sure the popper is not pink or blue on the outside as this will give the game away.

It’s always fun to get a couple of cannons so that both parents can partake in the fun! If you already have kids, why not let them be the ones to pull the cannon? That way they will feel special and included on the day.

Piñata Reveal

Piñatas always remind us of childhood parties and hitting them to get the sweets or treats inside! There is a variety of baby gender reveal Piñatas available to purchase online, even string ones for if you don’t want to do any hitting. If you’ve a creative gene or are feeling brave, we have linked a great DIY guide to making your own below.

You can fill the pinata with whatever you like. Be it glitter, confetti or even baby clothes in the colour of choice. You can purchase pinata fillers online but one of our favourite fillers – purely for the visual is a blue or pink coloured powder. For a step by step guide on how to make your own piñata, take a little look at the Gugu Guru and her super adorable blog.

Flower Reveal

This is another one where you will need to give the secret envelope to the florist or to a friend. Simply request for the arrangement to be collected or delivered in a box where you can’t see the flower arrangement or any details of what’s inside. Give a price range for the florist to work towards and request that it’s super clear which sex the bouquet is supposed to show. If you’re lucky, they may have stock of balloons to match or super cute new baby decorations to adorn the bouquet too.

Alternatively, ask your secret keeper to look online for baby flower bouquets. They don’t necessarily have to be a gender reveal bouquet as most online flower deliveries come protected in boxes which will work perfectly for the reveal. We have a range of colourful flower bouquets on our site that will work perfectly for this idea.


Everybody loves bubbles, right? Why not colour your bubbles with pink or blue food dye? You can then ask your guests to blow bubbles to see if it’s a boy or a girl. This idea is really cost-effective as a multi-pack of party bubbles should cost around £2.00-£5.00, just make sure that the packaging isn’t see-through or is covered so the surprise isn’t spoiled. You can even create some homemade gender reveal themed decorations for the bubble bottles for the extra special touch.

Sparkler Reveal

Another really lovely way to do the reveal is to purchase coloured sparklers and write out the gender in the air! Just be careful that when purchasing that you have ordered sparklers and not sparkler candles (but these could work great for a reveal cake!). Sparklers are super aesthetically pleasing, so why not give everyone a sparkler and get them lit up at the same time to make a pretty reveal? For the best results light them at night to get the full effect. You can take some amazing pictures using the sparklers too.

Silly String Reveal

In our opinion, silly string isn’t used enough in everyday life, so why not use it for your baby reveal? Spraying some coloured silly string is also a really interactive way for the kids to get involved and to enjoy the big event. This idea can be messy, so it’s best to use it outside and have a water hose at the ready to make cleaning up as easy as possible. The silly string can be purchased online or at your local party shop or supermarket so it’s an easy item to get hold of. Check out this photo from The Keele Deal who do a fab article on their own silly string reveal, just make sure you pick up the correct coloured can for the baby.

Canvas Reveal

This option can be done in two ways; you can order a premade canvas that clearly states the gender such as a traditional ‘It’s A Boy’ or something similar. You can select the canvas yourselves if you already know the gender or you can ask that secret keeper to order one.

Alternatively, why not create your own canvas and show your artistic flair? Simply get the colour of paint desired and chuck it at a simple blank canvas to reveal the sex. You can be surprised too by covering the paint pots or even filling up water guns with some diluted paint. One of the best parts about using a canvas is that you’re creating a special piece of art to look back on. If your paint splatter looks professional and arty, it could even be hung up in the baby’s bedroom. Why not add a special quote or the date of birth once the little one has arrived?

Scratch Card Reveal

Scratch cards can be a guilty pleasure, but did you know how straightforward it is to get hold of cards made specifically for gender reveals? Simply search ‘gender reveal scratch cards’ and a host of results will come up. They are usually cute baby themed designs and are a slightly different way to find out your babies gender! Check out Happiness is Homemade the site has free printable scratch card designs where you simply need to cut the design and attach the scratch-off stickers and they’re ready to go.

Riddle Reveal

For those of you who love a puzzle and want to build the suspense to keep your friends and family guessing – a gender reveal riddle is a great idea. Again, the internet is your friend for this one! Simply have a search and find one you like. Why not order a personalised card or poster with the riddle on to be used for the special day? If you’re up to challenge, try to create and write your own riddle for that extra personal touch? No problem if you’re not, Lauren Gaines from Inspired Motherhood has an adorable yet simple example available on her page.

Harry Potter-themed Reveal

If you’re not a Harry Potter fan, then keep on scrolling but if you are… this is the perfect reveal idea for you. Unsurprisingly there is a range of Harry Potter or film-related ideas out there, check out Pinterest for some inspiration. Our favourite was the ‘Sorting Hat’ reveal which we found on The Duchess of Denver’s blog. With a jaunty Harry Potter themed rhyme and a Halloween witches hat you can make this as simple or as authentic as you’d like. To make the reveal simply lift the ‘Sorting Hat’ and see what is underneath – maybe some cute baby shoes or a coloured toy. For that little something extra, why not add some coloured glitter or confetti? The perfect reveal for all those Potterheads out there.

A Note From Us

There is no rulebook that says you must do a gender reveal so please don’t feel pressured to have one! Also, the reveal doesn’t have to be before the baby is born – there is nothing stopping you from doing a reveal once the little one has arrived.

For the purposes of this article we’ve used blue and pink colours on most reveals as these were the most common, however, any colour can be used for your baby gender reveal. Pick a colour that suits you and your future little one the most – you can definitely keep your reveal gender-neutral if you would prefer.

We hope that this article will give you some inspo if you’re planning a gender reveal party or even just a post online. Take a little look at our new baby cards and gifts for babies for even more fun ideas.