Back to School Checklist: The Stationery Essentials

Last updated: December 6th, 2023 Published on: August 15, 2019

As we all know, getting your kids excited and ready to go back to school isn’t always easy; however to try and make things a little smoother, we’ve come up with a stationery list to help you ensure they have everything they might need for the upcoming term.

Regardless of their age, our school essential lists can be used whether they’re in primary or secondary school (we’ve made a list for both!) You can even print the list and hand it to your child – a perfect way to make them feel in charge and excited for an upcoming shopping spree.

Primary Back-to-School Checklist (Free & Printable)
Ages 4-11

Primary school largely evolves around activities such as group work and hands-on projects so you might want to double check with the school(s) which activity or expectations they might have for the upcoming year to get anything specific.

Otherwise, for a generic everyday backpack we recommend you get these basics items:

Secondary Back-to-School Checklist (Free & Printable)
Ages 11-16

In secondary school, as more is required from each child, there are a few additional items they’ll need such as calculators and USB sticks.

Most schools will provide a specific make or model of calculator or pen etc., so it’s worth double-checking before you buy anything.

Encourage your child to choose fun and colourful themed stationery (as well as stationery they actually like!) so that they’re more likely to take care of it. If they have good quality things, they’re more likely to use them more, and hopefully find homework a little more enjoyable (no promises) ?.

For more ideas on stationery for your kids, why not browse our selection of school supplies.