Children’s Birthday Presents by Age: The Best Kid’s Birthday Presents

Last updated: December 14th, 2023 Published on: July 29, 2022

There’s something extra magical about birthdays when you’re young. Whether it’s the overwhelming excitement of seeing a mountain of presents just for you or getting to be the centre of attention at a party surrounded by cake and balloons, birthdays are often the highlight of your year as a child. However, as a parent, uncle, aunt, or another adult, choosing the perfect birthday present for a little one can be difficult. Well, don’t worry! We’ve put together an ultimate gift guide for children’s birthday presents by age, so you never have to stress about buying presents again.

two children in party hats celebrating a birthday

Babies Birthday Presents: 1st Birthday Gifts

Their first birthday is a special milestone, marking the first of many amazing birthday celebrations. To capture this magic, one great idea for their first birthday present is to create something personal and sentimental that they can hold onto as a keepsake. Here are a few of our top picks.


Toddler Birthday Presents: 2nd to 3rd Birthday Gifts

The toddler years are full of milestones, learning to walk, play, speak, and developing their own unique personalities. In fact, the word ‘toddler’ literally means “to toddle”, which is what kids do when they’re learning to walk. So, choosing a fun gift that helps your little one to develop these key skills is a great idea! There are loads of awesome gifts to choose from, here are some of our favourites.


Young Kids Birthday Presents: 4th to 5th Birthday Gifts

So, they’ve grown out of all their toddler toys, they’re becoming more social, and they seem to have an endless supply of energy (sometimes too much!) – but what do you get them for their birthday? Giving them something they can run around with or funnel their imagination into is a great idea, as it gives them a creative channel to direct their energy and excitement into. Explore some of our favourite kid’s toys and games below!


Children’s Birthday Presents: 6th to 8th Birthday Gifts

Great presents for children ages six to eight are gifts that allow them to play and work together, as well as draw, build and create new things! So, if you’re looking for a gift for a child around this age, creative gifts like LEGO, marble runs, painting and crafting kits, or outdoor gifts that they can enjoy with friends or family in the garden are a great idea. Here are some of our favourite ideas.


Big Kid Birthday Presents – 9th to 10th Birthday Gifts

Wow, they’re almost double digits! Now that they’re a big kid, the pressure is on to find a gift the coolest gift you can, so what presents do nine to ten-year-olds like? If they love cool gadgets or experiments, why not get them something they can show off to their friends? Or if they’re obsessed with sport, you can treat them to their own football t-shirt or accessories for their favourite hobby? With our top picks, you’re sure to find something that will make you stand out from the rest of the boring adults!


Preteen Birthday Presents – 11th to 12th Birthday Gifts

The final years before becoming a teenager! By this age, they’ve probably got a strict idea of what’s ‘cool’ and what’s not, but that doesn’t mean that finding a great gift must be complicated. There’s an endless selection of creative and trendy gift ideas to choose from that they’re sure to love! For example, if you know what sort of hobbies, TV shows or activities they love, find a present that relates to that. With a huge range of gifts to choose from, you can be confident that your present will be a hit. Here are some great ideas.