Most Generous Celebs at Christmas

Last updated: June 18th, 2020 Published on: December 18, 2018

It’s a tradition to send Christmas cards with seasons greetings and well wishes at this time of year and there’s nothing quite like receiving glitter spreading messages either, but some of Britain’s most popular (and unpopular) people don’t send cards at all.

The most popular names have been revealed in ranking order:

1 – Sarah
2 – Emma
3 – Laura
4 – Claire
5 – Lisa
6 – Nicola
7 – Rebecca
8 – Michelle
9 – Louise
10 – Karen

The first male appeared on the list in 15th place, David, showing that females ruled the top 10 for being organised card senders at Christmas since 2014.

We’ve also pulled out trending celebrity names to see which place they rank on the list too:

Victoria – 29th
Emily – 54th
Kim – 79th
Tom – 145th
Adele – 211th
Theresa – 311th
Ed – 796th
Meghan – 820th
Piers – 2,150th
Idris – 6,552nd

More onto the celebrity name angle, whilst Harry Redknapp has just been crowned King of the I’m A Celebrity jungle he’ll have more celebrity friends on his Christmas card list this year. Except, the name Harry ranks 397th, so perhaps he won’t be such a popular sender!

Even further behind on the rankings was Declan in 824th place. It may be that the host of the jungle isn’t one to send many cards this time of year either, though the popularity of Emily sending Christmas wishes is 54th in the rankings and so we can have hope in the I’m A Celebrity runner up.

To discover other famous names to see their ranking for your entertainment, have a go at our tool.