DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Last updated: February 18th, 2022 Published on: March 2, 2020

Flex your creative skills with some Mother’s Day crafts to add an extra dose of thoughtfulness to design something that’s just made for her. Be ready to get crafty with some DIY Mother’s Day gifts, and find the perfect gift for Mum this year with our DIY suggestions below.

From creative, practical, clever or thoughtful designs, we’ve rounded up some brilliant ideas for every type of mum. So even if you’re a craft newbie and running out of time, you can still hand-make a gift packed with love in time for this Mothering Sunday 😉.

1. DIY Teacup Candle

Transform thrifted teacups into candles to turn them into a sweet gift for your mum. Like the talented Eileen describes in her tutorial blog, shop them at flea and antique markets, and use wax flakes, candle wicks, chopsticks, a glass container, tape and scissors. Oh, and of course your favourite oil scents to make your candle smell amazing! Follow the steps of this easy how-to here.

2. Fingerprint Mug

Did she recently become a new mum, or has small toddlers? Have a fun crafty afternoon together to make her a unique and pretty gift this Mother’s Day with a fingerprint mug. You can use your newborn or toddler’s foot, hand or tiny fingers to create any shape you want – from hearts to flowers. You will only need a blank mug, glass, tile paint and a sharpie marker. Follow Jen’s step by step blog on DIY butterfly and flower fingerprint mugs.

3. Kids Toys Jewellery Trinket

If your mum has a collection of rings or a few bits and bobs scattered around the house – why not make her a cute trinket? It could be a little DIY activity for the kids to do – better than a pasta necklace. Use an old saucer for the bottom of your trinket, and glue in the middle with strong ceramic glue your kids toy to it. It could be a giraffe for its neck, a unicorn or rhino for its horns, or any other animal with a tail.
Then simply leave it to rest so that the glue can set the two objects together, and spray them both with the paint colour of your choice. Our advice: buy a metallic spray colour to elevate it, or some plain white paint to make it look like it’s ceramic 😉 Follow Lulu’s excellent DIY figurine trinket dishes tutorial to learn how to make it.

4. Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are so easy to make, and you can find thousands of 100% natural recipes everywhere. With an exfoliating agent like coffee, sugar, sea salts, oatmeal, and an olive oil or coconut base to make it a paste and keep it moist– simply choose your mum’s favourite kitchen item and follow a DIY recipe to fill up your jar. Don’t forget to add a cute sticker with the name of your body scrub and maybe a satin bow to add the finishing touches – et voila, a useful gift made in no time.

5. Colourful Keychains

How about making a fabric keychain for your mum? Personalise it with her favourite colours, initials or patterns using this step by step tutorial by Craftiness is Not Optional. You’ll need a sewing machine and a few measurements, but a colourful keychain will brighten up her Mother’s Day – and remind her of your craft skills.

6. String Art Piece

Whether your mum is from Devon, Cornwall, York, Wales, or any other specific area abroad or in a London district – make her proud of where she’s from, and impress her with a string art piece using the Harpster Home DIY tutorial. Construct it in the shape of her beloved home state, a heart shape or even her favourite animal. When she sees the artwork hanging in her home, she’ll think of your thoughtfulness and creativity.

7. Pearl Hair Pins

Pearl hairpins have been super trendy since last year, especially in the summer around the wedding season. We found a brilliant DIY bobby pins with pearls tutorial by Eileen which is super easy to do. Trust us, you’ll make them, gift them, and then probably do them again for yourself. All you need is bobby pins, thin wire, and a few pearls. Just follow a couple of simple steps here.


8. Pressed Flower Art

Gather all her favourite flowers in one frame to make it an eternal gift. You can master the art of flower pressing with this simple how-to guide by Lilly Ardor. She gives all of her best tips on colour preservation, and methods flor flattening and evaporating the excess water in no time.

9. DIY Basket Backpack

For the mother who’s always on the go: this sturdy (and stylish) basket-meets-backpack will see her from the shop to the garden and everywhere in between. Just snag one of her old wicker beach totes and you’re set for this no-sew DIY she’ll never take off. Get the tutorial at Delia Creates.

10. Flower Magnets

Give your mum’s fridge a fresh new look with these DIY flower magnets. She’ll love using them to hang family photos and more kids’ crafts. You can use artificial flowers, a glue gun, and round magnets – et voila! Find the tutorial at Lulu the Baker.

11. Milk and Honey Soap

Make your mum a milk and honey soap this Mother’s Day. It’s super simple to do, so it can be made last minute, it’s natural, and only takes 10 minutes! Follow the super creative Heidi, a North Californian mum with a very colourful and fun crafty blog. Get her step by step tutorial at Happiness is Homemade.

12. Wall Jewellery Organizer

Make your mum a tasteful DIY jewellery organizer that’s stylish enough to be a design piece and hang proudly anywhere around her home. All you’ll need is a piece of 10mm plywood, 4 dowels, wooden glue, sanding paper, wood stain or paint, a frame hook, a hammer and a handsaw. Find all the instructions in Alison’s blog tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger.

13. Fold-Over Clutch Bag

For this DIY gift idea, you’ll need a sewing machine, a little skill and time but it’ll be well worth it. Melissa, a talented American Mum has come up with this beautiful fold-over clutch bag made with soft lambskin leather. Your mum can use it as an evening purse or a small travel pouch to hold all her make up or jewellery. Find her detailed tutorial at Polkadot Chair.

14. Blooming Monogram

Make her a super trending flower monogram this Mother’s Day. They are very easy to make, and you’ll only need hot glue and artificial flowers inside a hollow papier-mâché letter of her name. It will be a personalised gift that’ll keep blooming year-round! Find LuLu’s helpful tutorial here.

15. Solid Perfume

Make her a signature scent with a solid perfume she’ll love and take everywhere she goes. What you’ll need? First, buy a vintage oval perfume tin (like the one below), and a large oval liner. Mix 1½ teaspoons of jojoba oil and 25 drops of essential oil – rose, vanilla, lavender, your choice – in a glass and set aside. Melt ¾ teaspoon of grated beeswax on low heat in a glass bowl for 5 to 10 seconds. Remove the beeswax from the heat and stir in the oil mixture. Reheat for 10 seconds, and pour the mixture into the perfume tin, then let it completely cool.

16. A Clever Homemade Trivet

Turn your mum’s old wooden clothespin into a stylish table protector. Oslo-born crafter Paul Lowe shares his easy and practical tutorial in Sweet Paul Eat and Make. All you need to do is to disassemble 40 clothespins, lay them flat side down, and drill a hole in each. Thread the pins onto the wire with the double-notched sides facing right, pull the wire into a circle and twist the ends to secure.

17. Make a Generation Photo

Make a super thoughtful photo for this Mothering Sunday and create a generation photo on Photoshop just like the photo below. All you’ll need is a photo of a few women through the generations in her family and detour them to make it look like they are holding their own child portrait photo – don’t forget to buy a matching blue photo frame, or get it engraved to make it even more special.

If you’re still struggling with any of these Mother’s Day craft ideas, have a look at our Mother’s Day gifts. Or why not just make her favourite breakfast, brunch, or even a little afternoon tea- just don’t forget to cut some wildflowers in the garden, set the table, and serve her first 😉.