DIY: Pimp Your Prosecco or Gin Bar

Published on: October 6, 2021

What’s a Prosecco Bar?

It’s exactly what it sounds like! You may have heard of a DIY prosecco bar which is sometimes referred to as a bubbly bar, pimp your prosecco or even a mimosa station. These homemade booze bars make for a fun addition to any event and are a great way to mix up your typical glass of prosecco. These tips and tricks for a DIY prosecco bar can also be used for gin, rum, or any alcoholic drink really. You can simply adapt your treats and ingredients to suit your chosen tipple.

It’s a versatile way to spice up any occasion whether it’s a hen do, birthday, wedding, anniversary, engagement or even just because! You can set up the perfect drinks station to wow your visitors, an at-home bottomless brunch with a custom prosecco bar is one we’ll be trying!

What You’ll Need for Your Prosecco Station

There are a few items you’ll need to create your DIY prosecco bar, but you can make it as simple or as intricate as you’d like! It really depends on how much time and money you are hoping to spend. Here are some ideas for what you’ll need to get started:

  1. A big enough surface space to hold all your bar components and ingredients. Wooden crates or trays work great to add a more rustic vibe to your event, but any table or sideboard will do. If you have a drinks trolley at home this is the perfect time to make use of it!
  2. THE BUBBLY is of course very key to a bubbly bar. Choose from prosecco, champers, sparkling wine or even go the spirit route and include some bottles of your favourite gin.
  3. Signs and decorative labels so that your guests know exactly what they are looking at! You might think a sign saying ‘PIMP YOUR PROSSECOO BAR’ is a little OTT… but we promise you it’s not.
  4. Your favourite juices and cordials such as elderflower, rhubarb, pomegranate, and cherry cordials work great with prosecco. And for the juice, why not choose a tropical or mango flavour to create a super fruity and refreshing glass to enjoy? Or even go with both.
  5. Fresh or frozen fruit for flavour and garnish! Think strawberries, raspberries, passionfruit or even lemons and limes for gin. You can add pretty much anything if you’re creating a gin bar – cucumber is another great option.
  6. Glasses or cups to hold the bubbly (or spirits). We love the idea of getting an engraved reusable cup with its name on the outside for a personal touch. You can go traditional with flutes or coupe glasses. Alternatively, save on washing up by using recyclable paper cups instead!
  7. An Ice bucket or bowl. This is to keep your bottles nice and cool whilst they’re stored. Plus, it’s always handy to have some ice on hand at a bar anyway. No one wants a warm drink.
  8. Liqueurs aren’t always necessary but if you so desire, why not go all out by adding even more alcohol to your pimped drink? Limoncello, black raspberry liqueur, crème de cassis, sloe gin, cherry kirsch and Cointreau all make creative additions to any gin or prosecco station.
  9. Cloths or mats, purely from a cleanliness point of view, being able to quickly absorb spillages or wipe away any bubbly will help keep your bar pristine and sparkling.

DIY Home Bar Tips

  • Be sure to wash and pre-cut your fruit to make it easy for your guests to adorn their drinks. It also helps to have some mini tongs to hand you know, for hygiene reasons, plus it looks pretty cool.
  • Using glass bottles or jars to store the juice, cordials, fruit etc. is a great way to make your bar look even more aesthetically pleasing. We love using craft labels tied to the necks so that it’s super clear what they are using to flavour their drink (the labels can come in handy if a few drinks have already been consumed).
  • Be sure to have the ingredients on the bar for people to create some classic prosecco cocktail options! For example, include orange juice for mimosas, peach puree for a Bellini, some crème de cassis for a Kir Royale.
  • If you are a little bit crafty or digitally skilled, why not make a drinks list or menu with some of the drink options they can make from the cordials, liqueurs, and juices? You can include some traditional options and then create your own signature concoctions too! Nothing makes an event even more memorable than a signature cocktail.
  • For an extra fancy touch, you could purchase prosecco shimmer or flavoured pop bubbles, which are just something a little bit different you can add to your DIY bar. The shimmer is great for making the drinks look pretty and are a novel way for your guests to enjoy the bar even more. Straws and drink decorations like stirrers or drink markers are also entertaining and can help your visitors put a real stamp on their homemade drinks.

Drinking Inspiration

So, if you are a self-confessed gin-lover or a professional prosecco drinker, why not take on the challenge of creating your own DIY bar and impress at your next celebration?

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