Fun Things To Do With Mum This Mother’s Day

Published on: March 1, 2022

If you’re looking to treat the mum in your life to a special Mother’s Day, a great Mother’s Day card and gift is a great place to start – but if you want to create a really special Mother’s Day that she’ll remember for years to come, there’s no greater gift than time.

Whether you’re going out to a luxury spa or simply going for a scenic walk together, spending some time with your mum is a gift that she’ll treasure more than any physical present you could buy, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. So here are some of our top ideas for things to do with your mum this Mother’s Day.

Afternoon Tea or Picnic in the Park

If the weather is nice, a brilliant way to spend an afternoon is catching up over a picnic or afternoon tea in the park. You can pack your own picnic essentials or book an afternoon tea in a cute park and sit and talk while enjoying delicious food and drink. This classic idea can be customised a million ways; you can add prosecco or gin and tonic for a boozy picnic in the park or bring friends and family for a day of catching up and fun games and activities.

So, whether it’s a champagne afternoon tea in a stunning National Trust beauty spot or a picnic blanket and packed lunches in the local park, get lost in conversation and enjoy the sun if the weather is good!


Go Out to a Theatre or Show

From a classical opera to a fun singalong theatre night, spend an evening enjoying some light-hearted entertainment by catching a show that she’s been wanting to watch. Look up showings at your local theatre and see if there’s a show that you think she’d enjoy and book tickets for you both as a lovely surprise. Or, if your mum is more of a film fan, book tickets to go and see an upcoming film with her as your treat. Either way, you both get to enjoy a show and create a lasting memory together, plus you’ll have lots to talk about afterwards.

If you’re looking to do Mother’s Day without breaking the bank, you can even host your own theatre/movie night from home and pick a classic mum movie to watch together – with snacks, drinks and blankets included, of course! However you do it, this idea works for all weathers, just make sure to check that she’s available on the date before booking your tickets and let her know to keep the date free.


Go Exploring Together!

If your mum is the spontaneous type who loves an adventure, she’s sure to love this idea. Research some interesting places that aren’t too far and find a unique and exciting spot to explore together! It could be a beach, woodland, hiking trail, or anything else that catches your eye. Find somewhere new for you to both to discover together and you’ll be creating new memories while exploring a new part of the country that you hadn’t been to before. Or, if you’re feeling really spontaneous, why not hop in the car and go where the wind takes you? Choose a town, park or landmark on a map and go and see it in person.


Create a Custom Family Photo Album

This soppy, sentimental surprise is great for mums who like to get the old family photo albums out every time you have guests over. Spend some time sorting through all your photos to pick out some of the best pictures of you and your mum, the family, or moments that are special to you. Then, create a personalised photo album containing all of these memorable moments for her to flip through, taking her on a trip down memory lane. You can even make this a tradition, creating a book each year or for every milestone, creating a timeline of memories for you both to reminisce over and look back on your fondest moments.

Discover a New Local Treasure

No matter how well you know your local area, the chances are that there are some brilliant hidden gems or local attractions that you are yet to discover. Have a look at tourist guides or review sites to find highly recommended cafes, bars, experiences or attractions that you didn’t know about and make a day out of visiting one or a few. Who knows, you might even stumble across a new favourite spot hidden right under your nose?


Bake Something Yummy Together

Baking or cooking together is a fantastic way to spend some time together because not only do you get to share a laugh while you create together, but at the end of it, you get to enjoy the fruits of your hard work! So, whether you’re taking on a new baking challenge like a Baked Alaska, treating yourself to the Ultimate Chocolate Brownies, or even cooking a delicious dinner together, you get to sit down afterwards and enjoy what you’ve created. You can even plan out a full meal, cooking a new dinner recipe and baking something yummy for dessert, before sitting down to unwind and eat your meal, accompanied with a glass of wine for good measure.

Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are a great way to spend some time together doing something you love while also potentially discovering a new favourite drink. Try and find out if there are any vineyards or wineries nearby that offer tasting experiences or travel to visit the place where one of her favourite wines is produced. You’ll get to learn more about the wines you love while sampling a wide range of delicious whites, reds and more.

If you want to keep costs down or not have to worry about getting home after a few glasses (or bottles!) of wine, you can even host your own wine tasting from home. Stock up on a few bottles of her favourite tipple in advance from your local shops, ready for you to try at home. For bonus points, try and select a range of wines from different regions or styles and make your own tasting notes sheets to keep track of which ones you like the most.


Treat Her to a Day Out

If you’re still unsure or these ideas seem a bit too adventurous, why not play it simple and take her out for a ‘treat yourself’ day? You can go shopping for a new outfit, stop for a coffee at a quaint café, get your nails done and go for massages or get a spa treatment together. Fill your day with things she likes and get her to put her feet up and relax, enjoying some of the finer things of life. Being a mum can be a lot, so it’ll be nice to loosen up and relish in a day of pampering with her family.

As is the case for most of these, you can save money by ending the night with an at-home spa experience:

  • Buy face masks or try making your own face masks,
  • Create a home foot spa with aromatherapy oils,
  • Paint your nails and play with new nail colours,
  • Moisturise and exfoliate with some scented body scrub,
  • And top it all off with a healthy homemade smoothie or glass of wine.


Make Mother’s Day Special

Little moments like these can go a huge way to brighten someone’s day, so however you’re spending your Mother’s Day, make sure to take time to tell someone how amazing they are, whether it’s your mum, aunt, grandma, or just someone who you look up to like a mother.

Why not treat her to a stunning bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers? Pick out the perfect arrangement and order ahead, scheduling your flowers to arrive on the Mother’s Day weekend. Don’t forget your Mother’s Day card and gifts as well!