Funky Pigeon and MQ Mental Health Research: World Mental Health Day

Last updated: October 10th, 2023 Published on: October 9, 2023

World Mental Health Day is celebrated every year on the 10th October, building awarness and getting people talking about mental health and how we can support our loved ones, as well as what to look out for and how to get help if you’re struggling. It’s also great for encouraging fundraising, helping support key mental health charities to make sure everyone can access essential resources and help.

A HUGE Thank You from Funky Pigeon & MQ

Thanks to your support, we’re really proud to announce that last quarter we raised the largest donation to MQ Mental Health Research that we’ve raised to date, totalling over £5,000! Since the end of 2021, that brings our total amount raised for MQ Mental Health Research to over £19,000! We’re proud to partnered with MQ, as they lead vital research into mental health, so we can better understand, diagnose and treat mental illness.

So, from Funky Pigeon and MQ Mental Health Research, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped fund this vital research into mental health. You’re amazing.

Believe in Happy: Encouraging and Wellbeing Cards and Gifts

30% of all sales from our Believe in Happy cards and mindfullness gifts ranges goes directly to MQ, so they can continue their incredible research into mental health, helping build a brighter future. So, if you know someone that could use a nice surprise, why not send them a little something with an encouraging card letting them know you’re thinking of them, or send a self-care or uplifting gift?