Funky Pigeon Bake Off Competition

Last updated: January 11th, 2021 Published on: October 31, 2019

Just before David Atherton was crowned the Great British Bake-Off champion in the 10th season grand finale yesterday, we had a special baking competition here at Funky Pigeon HQ.

The challenge for all the Funky Pigeon staff bakers was to re-create our fabulous pigeon cake that one of our staff members created a few months ago.

Rules of the Competition

All funky techniques and trickery was allowed – from non-edible objects to help from friends, partners, or professional bakers. There was no specific brief, it just had to be edible!

As a result, we had some interesting entrants including a classic Victoria sponge, a chocolate triple layer cake, cupcakes which looked more like ghosts – and more!

What Happened?

Seven brave pigeon bakers rose to the challenge which resulted in a bunch of creative and/or hilarious looking cakes. All lined up upstairs on our design studio’s table, everyone was invited to have a look at them and vote for their favourite.

Who Won?

After all the votes were counted, we crowned our own best baker who gathered over 40 votes! A sweeping, indisputable victory for our talented baker and Gifting Assistant, Jenny Smart. Jenny won with her beautiful chocolate and orange, triple layered sponge cake! A BIG congrats to you Jenny!

Jenny Smart Bake Off Winner