How to Create an Easter Pop Up Card

Last updated: April 6th, 2020 Published on: April 2, 2020

Looking for something to do over the weekend with your kids? Why not try to DIY some Easter pop up cards? As Easter is just around the corner, we have compiled a few of our favourite pop up card ideas for Easter – so that you can surprise your little one with the cutest card.

1. Easy Pop Up Egg Card

For this first pop-up card we have followed a tutorial written by Kitiya Palaskas, a craft-based designer and workshop teacher from Melbourne. It’s a pretty straightforward one which recreates, in a few simple steps, the magic of a powerful card.

o Materials You’ll Need:

Egg-shaped cut out template, pencil, scissors, coloured pens, scalpel, A4 pink paper

o Method:

Step 1 – Cut out an Easter Egg shape template, and fold it in half horizontally.
Step 2 – Fold an A4 pink piece of paper in two, to obtain an A5 size card, then fold your A5 half in two, and on the outside of the card, line up the egg cut out on the fold of the card.
Step 3 – With a pencil, trace the egg shape template around the pink card. Mark roughly a 2cm tab on the top and bottom of the egg you’ve just drawn.
Step 4 – Using a scalpel cut along the rest of the egg, leaving the tabs secure.
Step 5 – Flip the card over and fold the card, whilst folding the egg inwards.
Step 6 – Take your favourite coloured pens and decorate the egg however you choose. You could also use coloured tapes or glitter.
Step 7 – Next, you need to glue the back of the card, just make sure you avoid the pop-up egg design you made.
Step 8 – Stick another A5 sheet to make it stronger.
Step 9 – Now you can fold your card in on itself once more and see the egg pop up!
Step 10 – Finish up by decorating the inside and outside of your card! Happy Easter!

2. Cute Pop Up Chicken Card

We have followed Maggy’s creative ideas on this first Easter pop up card because we found it super easy and colourful – ideal for spring! Just follow the steps below on our tutorial video to make it with the kids.

o Materials You’ll Need:

A4 yellow sheet of paper, black sharpie pen, scissors, orange and green post-it notes, glue stick, A4 blue sheet of paper.

o Method:

Step 1 – Fold your A4 blue paper sheet in two.
Step 2 – Cut a few green post-it notes in a zigzag, and glue them horizontally at the bottom of your card to create grass.
Step 3 – In a yellow A4 sheet of paper, cut at least 6 circles (8cm diameter) to create the body of the chicken.
Step 4 – Hold all the yellow circles together in a pile and fold them in their middle.
Step 5 – Take the first circle and glue half of its side to the card, in the fold of the card. Glue the other half of the circle to a second circle.
Step 6 – Glue all circles to one another on their side.
Step 7 – In an orange piece of paper, cut a small triangle to create a beak, and glue it in between the most central half circles.
Step 8 – On each side of the half circles, draw a black dot for the eyes of the chicken
Step 9 – On a yellow sheet of paper draw the chicken wings and then cut them.
Step 10 – Glue the two wings on the side of the chicken’s body.
Step 11 – Draw some legs with a sharpie pen on the card to create the chicken legs.
Step 12- Draw two small hearts on orange post-it notes, and cut them.
Step 13 – Use the hearts as chicken feet and glue them on the card.
Step 14 – Take your coloured pens and write the message you want for Easter, like “happy Easter” here, and draw some hearts around the card to fill it up nicely.

Et voilà, le tour est joué! You’ve just made your first Easter pop up card!

3. Cracked Egg Opening Card

How about a kid-friendly one? Artists Resource has released this cracked egg-opening tutorial and it is truly adorable. As you open the card the egg opens up and a little chicken appears at the back like magic! We suggest you make a speech bubble on the right-hand side of the chicken and write “Happy Easter” to add a cheerful Easter message 😉.

o Materials You’ll Need:

A scalpel, scissors, a black marker, a pencil, a ruler and six different coloured paper.

See the full YouTube video below for how to make it:

4. Pull Bunny Face Card

Another cute pop-up card we’ve found is made by Natalia’s Toolbox. This full-size bunny face card is so innovative that when you pull and cute rabbit teeth its ears rise up at the same time.

o Materials You’ll Need:

Green, grey and white paper sheets, glue, scissors, a pencil, a ruler, and coloured pens.

This tutorial is perhaps slightly more complex, but still easy enough to make once you put your mind to it, head over to Natalia’s YouTube video to see how you can make yours.

5. Kirigami Bunny Rabbit Card

Do you know what kirigami is? It’s a form of paper art which comes from the word “kiri” which means “cut” and “kami” which is “paper” in Japanese. So, as its name suggests, it simply doesn’t require any glue, only a good scalpel. We have found a great video tutorial which will require a little dexterity but which looks gorgeous if you have the time to create it 😉.

If you’ve liked any of these ideas, please give any of the videos a thumbs up and we wish you a great DIY activity ahead.
For any of you who are looking for something a bit simpler, browse our personalised and photo Easter cards, where you can add your own pictures and text online.