Most Generous People in the UK

Last updated: March 2nd, 2020 Published on: October 21, 2019

Christmas is the perfect season for family time, for loving, generosity and of course – competition. Now, we’re not just talking Scrabble after lunch, we’re talking on a bigger scale… Christmas cards!

We’ve created a tool to show you just how generous you and your family and friends are. Who takes the throne in your household? You’ll be able to see who sends the most Christmas cards, alcoholic beverages, calendars and flowers, based on names.

Spoiler Alert: to all of the Emma’s and Sarah’s out there, thank you for being the most generous people in the UK!

Leading the way for the gentlemen in the UK are the David’s and Paul’s, their card giving exploits have given them the first place ranking for most generous!

We’ve also been able to see regional statistics for the United Kingdom so we’ve ranked the most generous locations. Thanks us later 😉

Most Christmas Cards Sent per 1,000 People

Ranking the regions who send the most cards in relation to the population:
1. Walsall
2. Doncaster
3. Wigan
4. Barnsley
5. Stockport
6. Bedford
7. Lincoln
8. Rotherham
9. Chesterfield
10. Nottingham

Most Christmas Cards Sent Overall

1. London (no change to last year’s position)
2. Birmingham (no change)
3. Liverpool (up two places)
4. Bristol (up two places)
5. Manchester (down one place)
6. Sheffield (up three places)
7. Leeds (up one place)
8. Leicester (up two places)
9. Coventry (up five places)
10. Bradford (new to top 20)

Falling out of the top 10 were Glasgow and Nottingham.

Where do you rank on the most generous person list of 2019?

Use the tool below to find out:

If you rank at the opposite end of the generosity scale then you best bring your Christmas shopping forward and get giving those Christmas cards out early – nothing screams generosity like an early Christmas present!