Our Best Valentine’s Date Ideas

Last updated: January 21st, 2022 Published on: February 6, 2020

As we all know Valentine’s Day is THE perfect occasion to make some time in your busy calendar for the two of you. It’s the one time of the year to try and arrange something without the kids, without your pet and spend some quality time together.

To try to make this lovers’ day easier for you, we’ve come up with a few date ideas to surprise your lucky partner, whether it’s on Valentine’s Day or not. We’ve also thrown in a few silly ideas that might just make this Valentine’s Day a little more memorable…

Ideas for a Cosy Night In

1. Get a Valentine’s Gift Set

Get a Valentine’s gift set to celebrate this day at home with some little things to make your night interesting. It contains everything you’ll need from funky and giant chocolate match sticks to share, to prosecco bath bombs for a relaxing bath later, Cath Kidston cherry cream to massage each other with a lovely scent, and a set of tokens cards which are perfect to get some ideas of coupley things to do such as: go on a romantic walk together, watch an entire boxset of your favourite TV series or film trilogy etc.

2. Create a Romantic Atmosphere

Light up a few candles, put some music on, and start cooking a tasty dinner – this sounds pretty common and easy to do right? Maybe prepare your favourite food together whether it’s a yummy burger, or a more elaborate dish – it’s all about having an easy and enjoyable time together.

If cooking isn’t your thing, just get a Deliveroo with a few little extras thrown in such as a chocolate fondue or get our massage dice if you think it can be a playful way to rekindle the romance for the night. Be creative, you can buy some massage oils, incense, and pour yourself your favourite drink.

4. Share a Chocolate Fondue

Simply swap the cheese fondue for chocolate fondue – something maybe a little more appropriate for Valentine’s Day! Now, add the same game than with a cheese fondue: “the one who loses the bread, gets a dare” becomes “the one who loses the fruit, gets a dare”.

3. Challenge Yourselves with Kama Sutra Games

Get some cheeky gifts for the two of you this year with our karma sutra scratch poster or sex positions dice. Roll the dice, have a giggle and suss them out, or roll again if you don’t like the choice! And of course, try to stay flexible 😉

5. Read Poetry to Each Other

If you like classic writers and beautiful words, get a book of romantic poems and take turns to read them to each other. From classic Shakespeare to Edgar Allen Poe, Baudelaire, Lamartine, or Verlaine. Discover foreign literature to give your Valentine’s an alternative night for a more meaningful time.

Reconnect by Sharing Your Favourite Hobby

1. Go to a Cooking Class Together

If cooking is something you enjoy, a shared passion, or something you need a little help with, why not sign up for a cooking class? Ask the Chef to teach you how to make your favourite meal, so it’s a double win!

2. Attend a Tasting Experience

Who doesn’t like a good quality spirit? If you and your partner enjoy sharing a good bottle of wine, whisky or are totally into gin; then why not attend a quality tasting experience? You could discover all about the botanicals used to make gin over the years, how to gage a wine’s type, or why whisky needs water to reveal its full favour.

3. Keep Active with Some Sport

Enjoyed playing tennis, squash, or badminton this summer? Why not book a sporting activity for something a little un-traditional! It will be something to look forward to, bring out your inner competitive side, and hopefully make some fun memories – and who knows, maybe some hilarious ones too!

4. Plan Your Dream Road Trip or Holiday

If you’ve both always talked about going on a road trip together, or have been wanting to plan a holiday, then make it happen on Valentine’s Day! Set a date in both your calendars for this special trip. A bit like a wedding, all it needs to start a new adventure is to make sure you commit to a date to kick things off.

Then spend the night researching all the cool places you’ll visit and get excited for the future! Plus, you’ll always remember that this Valentine’s Day was the day you decide to finally do it.

5. Book Spa Tickets

Love being pampered? Get yourself a couple’s massage to share the relaxing experience at the same time. Go for a local luxurious spa, or even look abroad in cities like Istanbul, Budapest, or Helsinki which are all well renowned for their spas.

Funny Valentine’s Date Ideas

1. Wrap Yourself Up as a Gift

Surprise your partner and wrap yourself in funny photo wrapping paper to make them laugh as they enter the room. To make it extra fun, you could add a huge red bow on top of your head, put on some quirky socks, and hold a bowl of their favourite fruit – a playful invitation bound to make anyone laugh or smile in seconds.

2. Buy Tonnes of Personalised Cushions

Make the best of your photos with our personalised cushions. Simply upload your most hilarious snaps of you and your partner, or of your daughter and her beloved cats or dogs, or any other kind of love, to transform them into a truly funny surprise gift.

If you’re planning it for your lover, then place all your cushions on the bed or the sofa, and shout “Happy Valentine’s Day” – a thoughtful and funny thing to set up for your Valentine.

3. Buy Funny Token Cards

Make your relationship more fun with our date night tokens cards. Our fun card designs include a set of cute, romantic and creative date night ideas for you both to enjoy. From recreating your first date or a special moment to indoor picnics, exploring new places, or creating a couples bucket list, there is a range of great ideas for you and your partner to enjoy together, creating new memories you can cherish for years to come!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

1. A Wine Bar Crawl

Head to a jazz bar, secret bars, or rooftop bars – spot a few new places you’ve not been before – and then order their best wines. It will be a great Valentine’s treat to share, and cheers to, with your loved one.

2. Go Ice-Skating or to a Roller Disco

How long ago was it since you last went ice-skating? Or to a roller disco (yes, you can still find them!)? Rewind the time and get nostalgic to make this Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one! Head over to the nearest ice rink or roller disco venue in your most hilarious outfits to add to the fun.

3. Go to a Comedy Show, a Musical, or a Burlesque Show

You need to entertain yourself once in a while, so why not get tickets to see one of your favourite comedians, a musical you’ve always wanted to watch, or even a burlesque show. Why not book a hotel for the night or the weekend?

4. Go to Karaoke

Force yourself to go out and sing, even if it really doesn’t seem like your kind of thing! You could go for an alcohol tasting experience before or a bar crawl, and then go to karaoke together. Then just pick your favourite song and sing along with your partner to an absolute banger.

Do Something Unusual

1. Book a Trip Somewhere For the Weekend

Book an adventurous city break somewhere new for this Valentine’s Day weekend. You could also book a few sporty activities to try and challenge yourselves together such as kayaking, bike riding, hiking or rock climbing.

If sporty challenges aren’t your thing, then just do the “touristy” thing such as go to the theatre, visit a rooftop bar, visit a local festival, or simply watch the romantic sunset.

2. Book a Hotel Room in a Luxurious Hotel

Because it’s all about sharing the day together to bring back closeness and sensuality into the relationship. Get out of your home (where everything is too familiar and expected) and surprise your partner by booking a charming B&B or luxurious hotel in the city for a night.

Plus think of all the extra facilities you could enjoy in a luxurious hotel such as access to a sauna, pool, private massages, or steam rooms – without forgetting the room service!

3. Take a Dance Class

Not used to dancing together? Get some physical chemistry and book a dance class for the night – a fun and sensual activity to start your evening with. Plus, if it’s really difficult it can always be remembered as something you tried but are simply not the best at.

4. Go Glamping

If you both love the great outdoors, take a break and go for a hike in any of the most beautiful UK national parks and forests. As a reward for the night, why not sleep somewhere unusual and away from everyone like a cabin in the woods, a treehouse, a yurt, a caravan, or a shepherd’s hut? You could light a fire, cook nice steaks, and just stare at the night sky.