Our Top 10 Easy Date Night Ideas At Home

Last updated: April 26th, 2023 Published on: January 26, 2021

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and to help you plan a romantic date we’ve compiled a fun and thoughtful list of ways to spend your February 14th. That being said, why not make every day as special as Valentine’s Day and treat your partner to one of our ideas on the regular? Even at home, you can have an evening that’s entertaining for you both!

Cosy Up with A Movie Night

Even if nights-in together watching movies and tv series boxsets are part of your standard evening routine, there are a few ways to make a night in with a film extra special. Pre-planning your film selection and snacks/drinks beforehand will add some excitement. Get cosy with some blankets and light some candles to help get you both in a more romantic mood. We love turning all the lights off and having some sweet and salty popcorn to make it feel like you’re in a cinema, with the bonus of being able to wear your pjs!

Enjoy A Candlelit Dinner

It’s amazing what a few candles can do to make a room’s ambience cosy and romantic. Treat your partner to their favourite take away or cook them a three-course meal. To make it feel like a true date night why not get dressed up too? A sit-down meal with good food, amazing company and a few glowing candles will definitely make your loved one feel appreciated. You could even print some makeshift ‘restaurant menus’ for an added effect.

Get Pampered with An at Home Spa Evening

A couple’s massage makes for an amazing and zen date day or evening out so why not create your own spa at home to help each other feel pampered? You could create a home foot bath and give your partner a pedicure or even take turns giving massages? We also love the idea of applying a home-made face mask and relaxing with a glass of bubbly. For a real spa experience grab some slippers, towels and dressing gowns, put on some mellow spa music and get relaxed.

Plan A Fun-Filled Games Evening

Break up the repetitiveness of day-to-day life with a competitive and exciting games night. It doesn’t matter if you are lovers of board games, card games, video games or even drinking games – you can plan an evening of fun. Jenga, Uno, beer pong, Mario kart, whatever games you have to hand will work great. We love the idea of having a games marathon where the loser owes the winner a romantic favour.

Learn Something New Together

If you’ve been spending a lot of time at home recently, thing’s can definitely get a bit same-y, so learning a new recipe or skill with your partner can be a great way to mix your evenings up and to give your abilities a bit of a test. Creating homemade food is a good option as you can even enjoy your candlelit dinner after! Learning to make sushi, pizza, a dessert or even a tapas selection with a loved one can be a great way to bond, plus you can enjoy the fruits of your culinary work together – definitely a great date night reward. If you and your partner aren’t foodies, some DIY or arts & crafts can also be a fabulous learning option. There are many tutorials on YouTube, and a simple google will help you to find a guide to whatever you decide on.

Appreciate A Virtual Museum Tour

Unfortunately, it’s been hard for lovers of culture and the arts to visit their favourite museums or galleries recently. Admiring beautiful art and strolling through a museum can make for an enjoyable and different date, yet you might be wondering how can this date idea be achieved at home? Well, many locations have now uploaded ‘virtual tours’, so you can experience the museums without leaving the comfort of your own home. Some great online tour locations are The National Gallery, The British Museum and The Guggenheim Museum. It really is as simple as searching Google for your favourite spots and adding the term ‘virtual tour’.

Take A Stroll with A Yummy Hot Chocolate

Why not take a couple’s walk in nature with a hot drink to keep you warm in the winter months? Layer up and search for a great local walking location nearby, whether it’s on the seafront, in the woods or just a pretty park. Having a leisurely walk around and getting some fresh air with your loved one can be a really nice way to chat and to enjoy each other’s company. Switch out the hot drink for a homemade smoothie or fizzy drink in the summer months!

Get Competitive: Plan Your Own Come Dine or Bake-Off Evening

If your guilty pleasure is sitting down to watch Come Dine with Me or Bake Off – a fun evening of cooking for your partner can be a great way of mixing up the week. Challenge each other with one of you preparing the starter, one the main and then have a fun mini bake-off with the dessert! Add a competitive edge where the loser of the cookoff does the dishes. Home cooking can get a bit tedious, so this is a great idea for those weeks where you fancy something different alongside a great experience with your loved one.

Arrange A Wine Tasting

Wine drinkers rejoice! Just because we can’t go to beautiful bars and vineyards to try new wines at the moment, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an entertaining wine tasting date at home. For an extra special date night touch, get a little dressed up, put on some jazzy music and dim the lights to help feel like you are in an actual bar. If you are a wine connoisseur, it can be fun to plan the wines yourself. Research the notes, grape, year and make sure you both smell and taste the wine like you would on a tour. Alternatively, many online wine retailers offer the chance to book your own home tasting. Waitrose, John Lewis, and Virgin all offer home experiences, perfect for a wine novice or if you just don’t have the time to plan the drinking options yourself.

If you’re not a wine drinker, why not try a gin, whiskey, or beer home tasting date night instead?

Listen to An Online Concert

For music lovers and performers, 2020 was definitely a difficult year. If you had concert or gig tickets planned for after February, we feel for you. However, online streaming has made it super easy to re-watch or listen to your favourite artists and festivals. For a bit of nostalgic romance, we think sitting back to view an event you attended together with a drink makes for a fabulous home date night. With today’s TVs, it really is as simple as getting up your YouTube app and searching for your desired performance. What’s great about watching online is that you can skip any songs you aren’t a fan of too.

Hopefully, we’ve given you some inspiration for preparing your next home date night. So why not surprise your other half with a considerate and romantic idea to make them truly feel appreciated?

Alternatively, surprise them with some flowers, a special romantic gift, or a cute card whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not!