Parent Salary Calculator: How Much Would You Earn?

Last updated: December 11th, 2020 Published on: March 19, 2019

If you were being paid for being a parent, how much would you earn? We’ve created a tool to tell you exactly this.

How did we do it? We identified eight tasks that parents spend their time doing for their kids, and found the closest professional equivalent of that task.

Next, we gathered wage and salary data for these eight jobs (from a UK jobs site), and did so for 1,000 UK towns and cities.

So when you enter your weekly hours into the tool, we convert them into yearly salaries for each of these jobs. Finally, we add everything up to give you a total yearly #ParentSalary.

As an example, if you spend seven hours per week cooking for your child, then over the 52 weeks of a year you’d spend a total of 364 hours cooking. And if the average wage for a chef in your town is £15 per hour, then the estimated salary for that one job would be £5,460.

Tasks/jobs listed include:

Cooking => Chef

Cleaning => Cleaner

Driving => Taxi Driver

Teaching => Teacher

Organising => Personal Assistant

Washing => Launderette

Physical Health => Nurse

Mental Health => Psychologist