Passed Driving Test: What to Write in a Card

Last updated: March 7th, 2024 Published on: June 7, 2023

Looking for something funny to write in a card for someone who’s passed their driving test? Or maybe a witty quote for saying when you wish them congrats? We’ve put together some of our favourites from around the internet, cutting out the rubbish (well, some of it) and leaving you with some simple, yet quirky comments to pass off as your own. Enjoy!

Congratulations on Passing Your Driving Test Messages

So, they’ve passed their driving test – amazing! Whether they aced it on their first try or it took a few attempts, passing your driving test is a huge milestone that deserves to be celebrated! Celebrate their newfound freedom with a funny or sincere message in their congratulations on passing your driving test card.

Here are some of our favourite ideas for what to write in their passed driving test card to tell them how proud you are (even if you’re too scared to get in their car!).

  1. Well done on passing your test! Just remember that anyone going slower than you is an idiot and anyone going faster is a maniac.
  2. You’ll be a great driver. A little tip though… When everything’s coming your way, you’re definitely in the wrong lane.
  3. Well done on learning how to use a car. Now onto the dishwasher, lawnmower and vacuum cleaner!
  4. Many congrats to you! The next challenge is to collect four speeding tickets and then you get a bicycle.
  5. Congrats on not being a bus w***er anymore!
  6. Don’t worry – driving is easy, it’s dealing with crazy people that’s hard.
  7. I’ve alerted the traffic helicopter that you’ve passed…they’ve entered your car details into their GPS.
  8. Now you just have to worry about how you are going to get the examiners teeth marks off the dashboard!
  9. Remember, if you don’t swear while driving, you’re not paying attention to the road!
  10. The colours red, white and blue celebrate freedom… until they’re flashing behind you..
  1. I see all that practice on GTA finally paid off – well done to you!
  2. First thing to do with your new driving license, my weekly food shop please!
  3. Now that you’re officially a new driver, I’m taking the bus.
  4. So I was wondering if you could please email me before you drive anywhere; I’ll start a prayer chain.
  5. Well done – you’ve FINALLY learnt to do what tens of millions of people in the UK can already do.
  6. Congrats on passing your driving test. And no – you can’t borrow my car.
  7. Well done to you. Good luck spending your entire life savings so far on tax and insurance.
  8. We’re all going to take the bus as a safety precaution – just for a month or so anyway!
  9. So you’ve finally passed? I’m not surprised as you’ve had plenty of practice driving me nuts.
  10. I want to be supportive and say I’m so happy that you passed your driving test, but truthfully, I’m **** scared for the rest of us.
  11. I’m really happy you’ve finally passed your driving test… take it easy driving though, the life you save could be mine!

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