Funky Pigeon ‘Sealed’ 2022: The Most Generous People And Places In The UK

Last updated: December 6th, 2023 Published on: December 20, 2022

When it comes to giving personalised cards and gifts there are some people that excel and some that fall short. This could be due to poor memory, disorganisation, not wanting to or maybe it is all because of your name…

We have analysed millions of orders of the past year (October 2021 to October 2022) to discover the names of those who have sent the most cards and gifts over the past 12 months.

Like for example, did you know 10th March 2022 was the busiest day all year for card and gift buying? Or that Emily, from Reading, Berkshire – yes you Emily – is actually the UK’s most prepared person for Christmas, buying a Christmas card on the 30th April 2022?!

Emmas are the most generous women in the UK (based on the top female gift and card-givers in 2022)

Through analysing the names of those who made the most purchases over the past 12 months it was found that not only are people named Emma the most generous of the women when it comes to sending gifts and cards, but they are also the most generous overall too, sending three times as many cards and gifts as the most generous male name.

In second place is Claire, moving up from position four last year and last year’s most generous name Sarah has slipped into third place this year.

The controversial name “Karen” which over recent years has been associated with a “entitled or demanding personality” came in at 11, showing that Karen’s may not be all bad afterall!

Names of the 20 most generous women

Rank Name
1 Emma
2 Claire
3 Sarah
4 Michelle
5 Laura
6 Helen
7 Gemma
8 Julie
9 Amanda
10 Lisa
11 Karen
12 Nicola
13 Louise
14 Joanne
15 Alison
16 Hayley
17 Charlotte
18 Amy
19 Samantha
20 Kelly


Davids are the most generous men in the UK (based on the top male gift and card-givers in 2022)

Although women took the top 15 spots of the most generous gift and card givers in the full list of names , out of the men that featured David, was named the most generous of the bunch – however the total number of gifts and cards bought by Davids was not even a third of the total purchased by Emmas.

In second place we have Andrew and in third Chris. If you don’t see your man’s name on this list it may be best to prepare yourself for disappointment come Christmas, when expecting birthday cards or anniversary gifts.

Names of the 20 most generous men

Rank Name
1 David
2 Andrew
3 Chris
4 Mark
5 James
6 Adam
7 Paul
8 John
9 Ian
10 Daniel
11 Richard
12 Matthew
13 Gary
14 Michael
15 Simon
16 Craig
17 Darren
18 Alan
19 Robert
20 Ben


The UK’s most giving counties

When it comes to where in the UK these generous folks live, it seems most are from the county of Oxfordshire, where they lead in the yearly spend on gifts and cards.. Not far behind in second place was Hampshire.

For third place we head north of the English border into Scotland. Aberdeenshire is the third most generous county in the whole of the UK based on the amount spent on gifts and cards over the course of a year. Aberdeenshire isn’t the only Scottish county that can boast generosity though, as Lanarkshire comes in at number eight on the list.

The 15 most giving counties in the UK

Rank County
1 Oxfordshire
2 Hampshire
3 Aberdeenshire
4 Essex
5 Lancashire
6 Cheshire
7 Kent
8 Lanarkshire
9 Devon
10 Hertfordshire
11 Bedfordshire
12 Surrey
13 Berkshire
14 Cumbria
15 Derbyshire


The soppiest UK counties

Affection can sometimes be difficult to put across in writing, so many choose to demonstrate their love for a recipient of a card by including kisses. One kiss indicates a polite sign off, two kisses is a little more friendly but those that use over three kisses may be deemed as “soppy”.

By analysing the internal text of all card orders we were able to identify what percentage of orders contained three or more kisses in different UK locations, revealing the soppiest UK counties.

In first place we head over to Wales, where 36.6% of the card orders in Gwent come with three or more kisses.

In second place is the Scottish county of Ayrshire, where 36% of all the card orders came with three or more kisses inside.

And in third, we head up back to Scotland where nearly 35% of cards were signed off with three or more kisses.

Top 20 “soppiest” UK counties

Rank County Percentage of orders with 3+ kisses
1 Gwent 36.63%
2 Ayrshire 36.00%
3 Midlothian 34.64%
4 Gloucestershire 34.42%
5 Fife 33.98%
6 Leicestershire 33.97%
7 Northamptonshire 33.64%
8 Durham 33.06%
9 Aberdeenshire 32.78%
10 Northumberland 32.71%
11 Clwyd 32.65%
12 Lanarkshire 32.28%
13 Lincolnshire 32.16%
14 Dorset 31.95%
15 Suffolk 31.86%
16 Buckinghamshire 31.31%
17 South Glamorgan 30.97%
18 Avon 30.97%
19 Warwickshire 30.89%
20 Cumbria 30.52%


And who says I love you the most…?

When it came to actually saying the L word the results aren’t much different to those that use the most kisses, solidifying that the soppiest locations are just that. However, Gwent in Wales tops the list of the counties saying the word “love” in their cards, with 53% of card orders containing the word.

Not far behind in second is Gloucestershire, which came in fourth for the most kisses, those in this county use the word “love” in around 51% of their card orders and in third with love appearing 50.7% of orders is Midlothian.

Counties who use the word “love” the most in cards

Rank County % of orders that contain “Love”
1 Gwent 53.06%
2 Gloucestershire 51.06%
3 Midlothian 50.68%
4 Ayrshire 50.52%
5 Fife 48.99%
6 Northamptonshire 48.67%
7 Lincolnshire 47.92%
8 Aberdeenshire 47.80%
9 Dorset 47.61%
10 Suffolk 47.40%

While these might be the most loving places, our data also revealed the names of those sending multiple cards on Valentine’s Day – the people with too much love to give.

Perhaps they’re supporting their friends, getting in the Galentine’s spirit, or maybe they’re casting the net far and wide and confessing their love to multiple people.

Either way, if your love interest has one of the 10 names below, you might not be the only one getting a Valentine’s card from them this year…

Top 10 names by number of Valentine’s Day cards sent

Rank County
1 Ryan
2 Damien
3 Mark
4 Donna
5 John
6 Sally
7 Samantha
8 Karen
9 Carole
10 Helen

In fact, with four of the top 10 counties to use the word “love” in their cards being in Scotland it is safe to say that the Scottish are a pretty affectionate bunch, which is good news when expecting a Valentine’s card, if your partner is Scottish.


But what about those that struggle to say it…?

Shockingly out of the over 2400 orders from West Glamorgan in Wales only ONE card contained the word love! And in Shropshire things are just as bleak, out of over 4100 cards from Shropshire only 3 contained love.

Counties who use the word “love” the least in their cards!

Rank County % of orders that contain “Love”
1 West Glamorgan 0.04%
2 Shropshire 0.07%
3 Cleveland 0.08%
4 Berkshire 1.29%
5 Cornwall 1.36%
6 Wiltshire 7.48%
7 Hampshire 9.53%
8 Staffordshire 10.92%
9 South Yorkshire 12.52%
10 Somerset 14.81%

Do you live in one of the most generous places in the UK? Do you buck the trend when it comes to the most generous names? Let us know over on our social channels!