Who’s the Most Romantic at Valentine’s Day?

Last updated: January 14th, 2021 Published on: January 25, 2019

To see if men have the upper hand at being the most romantic gender, or if the ladies are sending more flowers this year, we’ve created a tool to tell our customers who sends the most cards, flowers or alcohol at Valentine’s Day, the yearly celebration of love and romance.

According to www.statista.com, the average spend on Valentine’s gifts has increased every year since 2015, with an estimated £650 million spent in 2018.

As a breakdown, we’ve looked into the main categories to see who may be buying the most. We’ve discovered that men send 81% of flowers on this special day, whilst women (71%) are the ones who send the most cards. The top senders for each across the UK are revealed as follows.

Card Senders

1. Sarah
2. Emma
3. Laura
4. Claire
5. Lisa
6. Rebecca
7. Nicola
8. Samantha
9. Michelle
10. Amy

Flower Senders

1. David
2. Paul
3. James
4. Mark
5. Michael
6. John
7. Andrew
8. Daniel
9. Chris
10. Matthew

From our data, we can see that of the UK, men do send the most flowers and women send the most cards, as each gender takes the full top 10 of each category – and no, gentlemen, the gift card that comes in the bunch of flowers isn’t counting towards this, the ladies won fair and square.

Nine out of 10 of those who gift the most alcohol on Valentine’s Day were women also, with David the only male in eighth position in the rankings.

Whether sending to a loved one, a family member or friend, check out our tool to see where you rank in the list of top senders. View the tool here.