How to tell if someone likes you this Valentine’s Day, according to the experts

Last updated: December 6th, 2023 Published on: January 31, 2023

We all know the feeling of not being quite sure if someone is into you and with that comes a myriad of dilemmas such as whether you should take the plunge and ask them out or kindly let them know it isn’t the right time.

For many Brits, this is an awkward moment and on average for each month across 2022 there were a total of 2,295 searches for ‘how to tell if someone likes you.

How to identify if someone likes you

Not everyone will be lucky enough to receive a Valentine’s Day card from Funky Pigeon this year and not everyone will send one.

But if you do feel like sending someone a special card, to ensure you have the best chance of success we’ve recruited the help of body language expert, Inbaal Honigman to help you identify what to look out for to tell if someone likes you, so you can make sure you’re sending a card to the right person. She said:

“Romantic feelings may come from the heart, but our entire bodies feel them – and physically express them.”

“From head to toe, there are clues and hints that someone might like you in a uniquely loving way and it’s worth paying attention to those physical expressions of love – while also carefully avoiding the obvious red flags.”

Below are six key signs to look out for so that you can pick up on any indications of interest – here are the tell-tale signs:

Really not sure if this person is into you? Look out for these giveaways:

  1. Lengthy eye contact is a definite sign that someone is attracted to you, and what’s more, it shows that they want you to be attracted to them in return.
  2. When you’re looking into their eyes if their pupils are dilated, that is a sign that they’re drawn to you – if they have glistening eyes or fluttering eyelashes that is an unmistakable sign of attraction.
  3. If their whole face smiles together when they see you, they’re genuinely happy to be with you. A big, broad, genuine smile is an indicator that the person is delighted with your company.
  4. Licking their lips can tell you that the person in front of you is thinking of you very intensely, with lots of desire. If the lips are also slightly parted, this person is seriously falling for you.
  5. If they follow you with their whole face, even leaning towards you slightly and centre their attention around your mouth whilst keeping their gaze there, this is to show you they’re paying attention.
  6. When interacting with you if their full body is mirroring yours, like a full length mirror, there is attraction there. Copying your gestures is another good way to work out whether they’re immersed in your conversation or not.

While looking for the signs of love may be the priority for many, some will also want to keep an eye out for the red flags. Here’s five red flags you should be aware of:

Make sure you are aware of these red flags:

  1. Crossed arms, leaning backwards and looking away are all signs of disinterest.
  2. Excessive blinking can mean they are hiding something from you.
  3. Looking away from you frequently when conversing could mean that they’re not really thinking of you.
  4. If someone has removed their wedding ring, their fingertips will keep reaching for their ring finger as they try to remember whether they’ve taken it off.
  5. If your date turns their phone upside down, but keeps flashing their eyes towards their phone, they’re scared of what you might see.

Inbaal added: “Many signs of deceit are the polar opposites of all the previous signs of love, and there are also a few other very subtle, yet unmistakable red flags to be cautious of.”

We cannot guarantee that your card will be a flying success resulting in you setting yourself up for a first date. But with these expert tips you will be able to get a better sense of if this person is interested and if it is appropriate for you to send a Valentine’s card, if not you might just have to stick to birthday cards.