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Make an impact at any celebration with a personalised 3D effect card. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or you just want to show off your favourite photos in a new and unique style, you're sure to get a great reaction with this extraordinary surprise.

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Types & Sizes
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Types & Sizes

Our personalised 3D cards and flip reveal cards are available in various styles to help you find the perfect greetings card for any occasion. Explore a range of cards by occasion or choose a photo-upload, personalised text, or non-personalised cover designs.

Our 3D Cards have a personalised cover design that appears to move from left to right when viewed from different angles, giving your photo depth and creating a 3D effect.

Our Flip Reveal Cards use the same effect to switch between two different designs or images when viewed from different angles, fading between a pre-designed illustration or message and another design or personalised photo.

Both card types are available in A5 size to send directly to the recipient to back to yourself.

Types & Sizes

Birthday Card FAQs

What are 3D and Flip Reveal Cards, and How Do They Work?

We're really excited about our 3D cards and flip reveal cards - but what are they, and how do they work? Our 3D and flip reveal cards use a clever reflective material on the cover to change how the card looks when viewed from different angles. On our 3D cards, this is used to create the illusion of depth, making your card appears to move right in front of your eyes, giving it the 3D effect.

For our flip reveal cards, this effect is used to flip between two different designs or images as the card moves. So, when looking straight on, you might see a red heart with a pre-designed message, but as you turn or tilt the card, the design fades to reveal your personalised photo. You don't need any special glasses or equipment, so anyone can experience the effect. Why not try it out and surprise someone special today?

How Do I Create a Flip Reveal or 3D Card?

You can view all 3D or flip reveal cards by category to narrow down your search and to help you select your favourite design. Once selected, you can upload photos and edit the front cover with a name and/or a lovely message of your own through our online editor. You can also add pictures to the inside, or take advantage of our font styling, spell check and photo editing features. Once you're happy with your design, you can preview your card and proceed with your order.

How Do You Upload Photos to a 3D Card of Flip Reveal Card?

You can upload photos from any device using our online editor, be it your phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. You can also log in to your Facebook or Instagram account to upload photos directly from your social media accounts..

What Can I Customise on My 3D Card or Flip Reveal Card?

The amount of customisation for our cards varies based on the design you choose. All of our cards allow you to customise the inside, adding your own message and even images to both inside pages. Some cards are fully customisable where you can change all text/photos on the cover, and others allow for personalisation on some sections only. We also offer some non-personalised cards, where you can still write on the inside, but the cover isn't editable.

Can I Send 3D Cards or Flip Reveal Cards to Someone Other than Myself?

Yes! If you would like to send a card directly to the recipient, please choose this option on the 'Send To' page. Once you've selected this, you can then log in and choose one of your existing contacts to send the card to or enter a new recipient when prompted.

Can I Add a 'Do Not Open Until' Date to My Flip Reveal or 3D Card?

Yes. Once you have chosen your delivery options, you can choose to add a "Do not open until" message with a date of your choice. This is ideal for ordering ahead of time, so you can be sure that your card is with them for their big day.

Do All 3D Cards and Flip Reveal Cards Come with Envelopes?

Yes! All of our cards are sent in an envelope. If you select the 'back to yourself' option, you will also get an additional blank envelope that you can use to send the card to the recipient. This option is great if you love adding a handwritten message to your greeting cards.

Can I Send Flip Reveal or 3D Cards Abroad?

Yes. We can send cards to almost anywhere in the world using Royal Mail airmail. However, this can take longer than standard UK post, so we recommend checking the delivery information for more details.

Can I Order a Flip Reveal or 3D Card with No Message Inside?

Yes. If you prefer to order a card with the inside blank so you can handwrite your own message, you can simply leave the inside message blank when customising. You can then choose to send the card back to yourself instead of to the recipient and we will deliver your card with an extra envelope for you to sign and seal yourself.

Why Am I Having Difficulty Uploading Photos to My 3D or Flip Reveal Card?

There are a few reasons your photo may not be uploading, please check the following things:
- Is your photo a high resolution image? For best printed results, we recommend all images be 300dpi and no less than 1000 Pixels in height or width.
- Is your photo a .jpg file format? If not then we recommend you save it in this format.
- To avoid any issues, please save any images onto your computer first then upload from that location to your card. If you are uploading your image to the website from a flash drive, dongle, digital camera or any other external devices, this could cause problems.
- If you continue to experience difficulties please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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