9 Quirky Dad Blogs You Should Follow

Last updated: April 26th, 2023 Published on: March 22, 2018

Check out our top picks for dad blogs to follow this year. We’ve narrowed the list down to nine quirky blogs, all offering their own unique style of writing. Packed with refreshingly real topics and some truly unique insights into parenting, you won’t regret following these.

Dadda Cool

One of the most established dad blogs on this list, you may have already heard of Dadda Cool. A “mild-mannered accountant” by day, the blog is anything but, featuring loads of contemporary parenting advice which is very relevant in today’s world. An honest blog with a funny spin is more than enough to keep you reading. Well worth a follow for any parent, there are also articles for dad’s interest as well – our particular highlight was the review on one of our favourite board games – Settlers of Catan.

Website: http://www.daddacool.co.uk/

Lunchbox Dad

Lunchbox Dad is pure genius, it’s simply a dad named Beau who focuses on making lunch time a whole lot better (and easier) for you and your kids. Having appeared on TV shows in the USA such as Good Morning America and The Steve Harvey Show, Beau has now racked up an unlimited amount of articles on food and lunches, among other topics. You’re guaranteed to find something useful here!

Website: https://www.lunchboxdad.com/

Dad Blog UK

A refreshingly honest look at parenting, John’s blog Dad Blog UK covers a variety of topics including parenting, family and lifestyle subjects. This award-winning blog is incredibly popular and it is easy to see why. John details the journey he went on when becoming the main carer for his children, in a fresh and no-nonsense way. Our favourite article is “Starting Secondary School: Hacks From those Who Have Made The Move“, John has compiled hacks from various family friends who have given some helpful advice on the big change. Some of John’s more recent blogs include his thoughts and experiences regarding COVID-19 and are really worth a read.

Website: https://dadbloguk.com/

Dad and Buried

Go straight to Dad and Buried’s about section and read about the man behind the blog; you can also see some favoured posts, which we absolutely loved. Highlights include: Top 10 reasons why I hate my son, 10 ways having a toddler is like being in prison and how to explain Trump to kids. A really down to earth view on parenting, Mike has really hit the nail on the head with Dad and Buried. More of the same please, Mike!

Website: http://dadandburied.com/

Daddy Poppins

Probably the funniest blog on the list (if we HAD to pick), Daddy Poppins is littered with posts which have a comical spin, yet also make very good points. You’ll find a section purely for dad jokes too, so that’s worth a look if nothing else! With the tagline of: “An Irish dad blog, fuelled by coffee, memes and really bad puns”, you won’t be disappointed. One of our favourites is a recent post named partner translator.

Website: http://daddypoppins.com/

The Outdoor Dad

Unique for many reasons, one thing that sets Outdoor Dad apart is the very fact it’s based on outdoor experiences. It’s packed with ideas and reviews on outdoor equipment and things to do, making it a must-read for any family who likes to make the most of the great outdoors. Our favourite section of the blog is dad knowledge, filled with as Oli says, “little nuggets of knowledge” he’s learned from being a dad.

Website: http://theoutdoordad.co.uk/

Corporate Dad

Corporate Dad has been going for many years now and offers the outlook of a dad who combines long hours at work with a family life. Something really useful for any dad who works full time or struggles to find a balance between work and family. The main categories include health, family and even a section on supporting dads with loads of useful tips and experiences shared.

Website: https://www.corporatedad.co.uk/

The Northern Dad

Last but not least is The Northern Dad – created by Dad of 3 Damion. Although quite a new blog, Damion has a variety of interests from tech to food, DIY and more so expect to see these subjects cropping up. Like most blogs on the list, it is focused on genuinely fun topics and parenting. A good example is the brilliant: “20 Things Dads Do That Are Random” article, Damion’s entertaining and light post on the randomness of Dads definitely resonates. Keep an eye out for more great content from The Northern Dad as Damion adds to the blog.

Website: https://thenortherndad.co.uk/