DIY Wedding Favours Ideas

Last updated: July 7th, 2020 Published on: April 1, 2020

Break away from tradition and the usual sweets that you can find at most weddings and make your own wedding favours.
Depending on your taste, we have gathered nine brilliant ideas to inspire you, ranging from coffee beans, mini alcohol bottles, seeds, soaps, sparklers, matchboxes, food jars or botanicals. Read on to find our favourite easy DIY wedding favours ideas.

Food Related

Did you meet at a coffee shop, or are simply both avid coffee drinkers? If so, why not get hold off some small hessian bags, string and some coffee beans? You can add the label of your choice around it which could say something like “Let Love Brew”, “The Perfect Blend” or “Grounds for Celebration” and have your names, and wedding date underneath.

Another idea, if you come from a city by the ocean or a place which produces something renowned from your region, like sea salt or olive oil for example, then simply get small jars to gift it in. It will make a truly useful and symbolic souvenir for your guests – especially if they’ve travelled to the city in question or know how proud you are of where you come from.

Mini Alcohol Bottles

Get hold off a highly rated online recipe to make your own sloe gin, limoncello or infused vodka depending on your taste buds. You will see some alcohols are super easy to make at home, or if you don’t feel like it, you can simply contact a local distillery and ask them to make some miniatures, and all you’ll have to do is buy small labels to handwrite or get them custom printed 😉.

Plants or Flower Seeds

If you’ve used a recurring flower in your wedding theme and invitations – like lavender, sunflowers, cornflowers, or poppies to name a few – then why not use it as your wedding favour to tie it all nicely together? If you’ve used succulents or cacti in your wedding invitations then gift these too, particularly if you are a plant-loving couple 😉.

Mini Soaps

Tonnes of short videos on YouTube show how to make your own custom soaps, with the key ingredients being fat or vegetable oils, sodium hydroxide, essential oils, and a mould to pour over your heated mix – it couldn’t be an easier wedding favour to make yourself! Plus, if you have a rustic, barn, or nature-themed wedding it will echo the natural and organic vibe.

Sparklers or Tag Glow Sticks

For a fun moment during your wedding – especially at night – get everyone to light up their sparklers or crack their glow sticks to make a vibrant and magical group photo 😉. You could put them all together in a mason jar filled with sand, or simply place them near each of your guests’ plate.

Plus, they are cheap to buy and come in bulk, so sparklers or glow sticks really are perfect for the occasion! The only thing you will have to make is a custom label with something nice written on it like: “Let Love Sparkle” or “Let Love Glow” or even “Light the Way For…” and have your names written underneath.

Tea or Botanicals Glass Bottles

Because most people like tea, why not get a batch of your favourite blend and fill a few glass bottles for your guests? It can add charm to your tables and would come in very handy for travelling or even to help with their potential hangover on the next day.

If tea doesn’t sound too appealing, why not go for botanicals instead? Everybody is trying different alcohol recipes with them nowadays. They are used to make gin, absinthe, vodka, pastis, ouzo – you name it! But also can be used in any infusions to drink hot or cold – perfect in a refreshing summer drink!

Mini Scented Candles

Recycle all your food glass jars to make some lovely candles for all your family and friends! A soothing wedding favour which can also be symbolic if you add a thoughtful message like “You Light Up our Life” or “Light the Way for us”. All you need to buy is a few kilos of paraffin or soy wax, wicks and your favourite essential oils.

Matchbox Favours

If you are a great match, or maybe met on (who knows!), a pretty matchbox can be a good idea. It’s a super handy item to always have around, and you can find lots of online sites which offer custom made ones to fit with your wedding stationery. You can add your names, wedding date or choose any funky or tasteful background design for them to remember your event in a useful way.

Jam, Pickles or Chutney jars

If you love food and home cooking why not make your own pickled jars, jams or chutneys – if you have not ready tried! It’s an easy win, everyone likes a homemade recipe. And if you recycle your food jars and lids, and an old patterned cloth or bedsheet, then you’ll only need some sticky labels to write your names on.

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