Funky Pigeon and MQ Mental Health Research: Believe in Happy

Published on: May 25, 2021

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Mental health is something that affects a huge number of people every day. According to research, 1 in 4 people will experience problems with their mental health every year, a figure which only seems to be rising. The most common mental health issues that people face today are anxiety and depression, which can be representative of a range of complex conditions.

Despite how common mental health conditions can be, it can be incredibly difficult to open up and ask for help when you’re feeling low, and far too often people are unable to get the support they need. Getting treatment can be a long and frustrating process with an exhausting amount of trial and error. So, what can we do to help change this?

Funky Pigeon Believes in Happy

As part of our campaign to support mental health research and awareness, we’ve partnered with a leading mental health charity, MQ, to support their incredible work into transforming research by donating 30% of net sales from our Believe in Happy card and gift ranges.

Believe in Happy is our campaign to help encourage people to talk about mental health and reduce the stigma together, as well as funding essential research and innovation in the treatment and prevention of mental health conditions. Since then, we’ve donated 30% of sales from our encouragement cards and mindfulness gifts ranges to support leading mental health charities in the battle for a brighter future.

You can read more about our Believe in Happy campaign in support of mental health awareness and research at

Supporting Mental Health Research

Effective mental health research is the key to understanding and transforming the way we look at and treat mental health conditions. Mental health has been underfunded for far too long, and it’s only recently that the conversation around mental health has opened up, allowing people to share their experiences and raise awareness about how important it is to look after your wellbeing.

By championing world-class research into the causes, treatments and prevention of mental illnesses, we can work to transform the lives of those affected by a mental health condition and create effective treatment and support options. This will help to reduce the number of people who suffer from ongoing mental illnesses, as well as advocating for better education around prevention and maintaining positive mental health to help people reduce the likelihood of encouraging anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions later in life.

Meet MQ: Mental Health Research

MQ is making huge strides in changing public attitudes on mental health, as well as pioneering change to better understand, diagnose and treat mental illness. Working with world-class scientific experts, MQ has invested £21 million into funding ground-breaking research since 2013. With a focus on erasing stigma and pioneering change, MQ applies a collaborative, data driven, inclusive and sustainable method to research, driving major improvements in care and treatment. Their researchers are making ground-breaking progress in building a better understanding of how mental illness impacts people and how we can improve diagnosis and support.

Throughout May, MQ is matching all donations up to £100,000, so if you would like to support MQ’s Mental Health Research into fast diagnosis and better treatments, there really is no better time. You can learn more about MQ and donate on their website at