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Create Movie, Newspaper, Film & Other Parody Cards

Discover personalised spoof and parody greeting cards in the style of your favourite movies, newspapers, magazines and more. You or your recipient can be the star with our range of spoof cards, where you can upload a photo along with customised text to create the ultimate headline.

Types of spoof cards

Make your own story in the news with our newspaper cards or reveal hidden secrets in our celebrity or lifestyle magazine cards. Or why not create your own spoof movie card where you decide who has the leading role in the poster.

We also have choices which include spoof sports cards such as football and golf, as well as romantic, drinking and TV-related templates.

Spoof Cards for All Occasions

We offer anything from spoof birthday and Christmas cards to humour and thank you cards. Spoof cards are a great way to add that extra special touch in a memory which will be treasured forever.

All our greetings cards are UV varnished to give a high quality finish and an added protection.